Sunday, August 16, 2009

In Honor of Mad Men

Tonight ushers in the third season of Mad Men on AMC. I have waited for this day since...well...the end of the second season. Let me be clear. NOTHING, NO SHOW can replace Gilmore Girls as number ONE in my heart. However, Mad Men comes very, very, very close.

On the Mad Men web site you can create, or rather re-create, yourself in a Mad Men-esque sort of manner. Below is a cartoon rendering of the character I would be if I were a member of the cast. hair is NOT that red....or even red at all. But in my Mad Men world it is. Notice the filthy martini in my hand! Now I do not advocate smoking, under any circumstance (any longer), but a cigarette was de rigueur and I simply could not pass it up as an accessory. In this case...and this case only...zeitgeist trumps the Surgeon General's warning.
Ahhhhh...if only I walked around with a red bee-hive, scarf, form fitting sixties dress, "Break It To Me Gently" playing in my background with a fresh martini in hand!

Have a wonderful week, friends! I know MOST of you are heading back to work tomorrow. Here's to another good school year......

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