Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Road Trip-Part III (Precious Friendships)

The length of my absence is inexcusable! I was VERY lazy on vacation and have been VERY busy since my return. be honest...I have been spending an INORDINATE amount of time on Facebook. HOWEVER....Facebook is responsible for my daily celebration.'s okay. Facebook has done my heart good.....
Today I celebrate old friendships and new ones! As part of my road trip to Dallas I was able to visit with an old friend, David Leggett! Below is a photo of David in his FABULOUS loft in downtown Dallas.
David and I met the first week of my freshman year at Southwestern University. He had attended high school with my suite mate, Jillian Hasty. I didn't know a soul. She knocked on our shared bathroom door and came bounding in with her dynamite, tiny girl, energy. I believe I ate my first meal with Jillian and David and I had every meal with them from that point on! David also became dear friends with Cara. So when I was planning my trip to see Cara, I sought David out on Facebook and arranged a special date! David was a most gracious host and it warmed my heart that we were able to spend the evening with him...even if I did leave the party to travel down two floors to the Martellus Bennet poolside party! (They share the same rooftop patio! The entire building was invited!)
Facebook has allowed me to reconnect with so many old friends. I had resisted and resisted and resisted and now I am just fascinated. It really is lovely to see people I knew in high school or college living unique lives and allowing me a peek into the paths they have chosen. What a gift to see Kelly Mott as a mother of three and still just as sassy as ever, Jill Bauknight as a mother of three and still just as funny as ever, to re-live my London study abroad days with Laura Goodson and Alicia Schweter, to reconnect with the boys from the KA house and be able to know them as adults...husbands and fathers, to heal through conversations with Amy Gillespie, to keep up with my little cousin Marisa's wonderful LA life, to see how Elena Guerra has not aged a day, to see the joy in Lisa Stroud's daily living, to see Joey Gomez all grown up and filled out, to plan a trip to visit Ramsey Jankowski, Gena Reynolds and Kelly in October! Sure...Facebook is eating up all my time....but it sure does my heart good to see how all these people who have impacted my life are living well! I really could not imagine a greater gift. AND....I convinced my mom to join! Imagine that! And she posts the kindest thoughts. Her posts are an inspiration.

In as much as old friendships are are new ones! This is Meredith and Nathan....
I met them through Logan a few weeks ago and have been enjoying their company ever since! We have all formed a supper club...mostly because Logan is a great cook and Meredith is a CHAMPION pie maker. Jace' and I just watch....mostly. Meredith and Nathan are such a lovely couple and they are so easy to be around. You instantly get the feeling that they meet each and every person exactly where they are at and are absolutely cool with that. We (Jace' and I...yes...we are a "we") haven't known Meredith long but we feel as if we have been friends with her for years. I know I speak for both of us when I say we are excited to see where our friendship takes us in the future!

And here is one old friend and one new friend. You have both helped my soul heal so much recently. I am blessed to call you both....and your mom, friends.
I am lovin' this magnet right now. I am not going to say much....other than I found this magnet on THE MOST PERFECT DAY of my life! Some of you know what I am talking about. For those of you that don't....go ahead and use your imagination. Then multiply that scenario by ten and you have the reason I love this magnet so much.....
I found this magnet on my trip in St. Augustine, Florida. I believe the shop is called Dragonflies and they had THE BEST magnets and cards. I spent 50 dollars on cards, alone! Yes...some of you should be expecting them in the mail soon! The magnet is produced by Anne Taintor, Inc.

I can not publish this post without wishing my OLDEST and DEAREST friend, Najla, a very happy birthday. I love you, little mama! I hope you had a great day with the best gift God could possibly bless you with....your family!

Goodnight, friends. Morning will roll around all too soon and I am just back to work today. My sleep schedule is all over the place.

This blog post is dedicated in loving memory of Bill Pearson (Cara's father) and CJ Liebl (Maria's step-son, Rick's son). They both passed away since my last entry. My thoughts and prayers are with their families. I have to believe they are both enjoying a great glass of red wine right about now.

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