Wednesday, February 13, 2013

40 Days and 40 Nights

Dear Blog,

I am sincerely sorry for my extended absence.  I turned my back on you because I was angry at all social media tools and outlets.  It is shameful that I allowed the actions of one person to dampen the joy blogging has always brought me.  

You know I have always been an advocate for using the Internet to spread love...and sure, I have had my crazy girl ranting moments from time to time...but the whole mission of Fete is to foster love and hope, laughter and joy, sharing and healing by way of the world wide web.  I was proud when I finally created a title for my niche: "life-living (out loud) blog."  

Blog, the funny thing is that when you live your life out loud, there are people who can, and will, hold that against you.  And, they did.  It it has happened to many others who have dared to share their (not so positive) social media experiences.  

In opposition to "living out loud"...I can't exactly go into details...but I can say I allowed said negative experience to frighten me into not writing and not sharing.  I completely let you, blog, float 100% out of my brain.  I even abandoned my new blog, Faire Cadeau, after one post.  I lost touch with the SA blogging community and have felt a deep void.  I haven't had the gumption to even see what is going on in their blog lives because I was wanting to completely dissociate from the entire social media experience.

Today is Ash Wednesday.  I typically do not give "something" up for lent, rather I take "something" on.  Blog, I am determined to offer myself to you for 40 days, every day, without fail because you know what?  You bring me great joy and I need to find that again.  

I think and "editorial" schedule of sorts might help keep me on track and focused. is what I am thinking:

Sacred Sunday: I will post a passage from The Bible.
GMAT Monday: I've got to start studying in earnest.  I will share a flash card!
Terrible Tuesday: A typically hard day...I will identify five moments of gratitude during the day.
Weight Watchers Wednesday: This just NEEDS to come back.
Top Ten Thursday: A list of my favorite things from one to ten.
Freestyle Friday: I can post about anything I want...but it will probably be related to pole!
Super Saturday: Celebrating Super Women doing Super Things!

Let's get this party started.
My newest tool in my tool box...thanks to the advent of Trader Joe's into my Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Breasts.
Off the top of my head I can not remember the Points (not Points Plus) on these...but I think 3 planks are 6 points total.  These are really tender, easy to throw in the microwave and just plain delicious.  They make you forget you are counting calories or counting will just be counting down to getting home to throw these on a plate with your favorite condiment.  

I enjoy them with Trader Joe's Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce.  Another great treat which also happens to be incredibly LOW in Points!

Here's to the next 39 posts!

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  1. We missed you! I love your idea of instead of giving up something you are taking something on! I want to try this.... eeek! Wishing you luck :)

  2. Thank you! I usually take things "on"....rather than taking something away. Although I suppose that defeats the purpose of "sacrifice." But...I always take on something spiritual, as well. So...on that note, I am off to bed to read my Lenten book and my Billy Graham passages for the day! Hope you are well!