Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just an Old Fashioned Love Song

Happy Valentine's Day Fete-ish-istas!  In honor of the day I am going to share my 
Top Ten Love Songs in no particular order....
  1. San Antonio Rose by Bob Wills-A classic which inspires a two-step along the banks of the San Antonio River straight over to The Alamo with a spin on back to The Buckhorn!
  2. I Guess I've Come To Live Here in Your Eyes by Willie Nelson-SIGH!  "...this may be the place called paradise...a thousand times I see you and a thousand times you take my breath away."  Need I say more?
  3. Crazy Love by Van Morrison-He can "hear her heart beat from a thousand miles."  Seriously?  Just revive me now.
  4. If I Had The World to Give by The Grateful Dead-I have loved this song since college.  It isn't terribly well known; but the lyrics are thoughtful and the sentiment feels achingly honest..."Only if you let me be your world, could I ever give this world to you.  But I will give what love I have to give as long as I live."  
  5. Cinnamon Girl by Neil Young-This song just makes me happy.  I imagine Neil longing for a waifishly thin, long haired woman as she bakes bread in their kitchen with a loud, squeaky porch door...out on their farm.  She loves to "chase the moonlight" and is a "dreamer of pictures" in addition to being an accomplished pastry chef!
  6. When It Don't Come Easy by Patty Griffin-A rugged tumble through an aged love story.  "Everywhere the waters gettin' rough.  Your best intentions may not be enough.  But if you break down, I'll drive out and find you.  If you forget my love, I'll try to remind you.  Stay by you, when it don't come easy...."  The is an ode to the "little relationship that could."
  7. Let's Stay Together by Al Green-This song warms my heart and every time I hear it I smile and remember Ryan and Ciara's first dance as a married couple...and I have hope!
  8. There She Goes by The La's-Sooooooooo many reasons this is an all time favorite.  First, it reminds me of sitting in Lauren's 4-Runner my junior year in high school after a UIL Journalism competition.  Second, this guy can't "contain" this feeling "that remains" after "she" (whoever she is) merely brushes by him.  Finally, and perhaps, most importantly, it is the first sound EVER-even before Lorelai utters her first words-you hear at the beginning of the ENTIRE Gilmore Girls series.
  9. Misguided Angel by The Cowboy Junkies-Talk about CAAAARAAAAZY love for THE ULTIMATE BAD BOY!  She is convincing her family that she loves a man who is clearly wrong for her...wrong for any woman...but she SWEARS she is going to love him "until I am dead."  Which...unfortunately she probably dies an early death from all the pain he put her through considering she says his "soul's like and cold like a piece of lead."  Seriously, chick?  You really want to marry this dude?  (Who am I to houses!)
  10. Doe Eyes: Love Theme from The Bridges of Madison County by Lennie Niehaus-This song has no words.  It doesn't need any.  Yet, pure, adult, real, breath-taking love reaches out at me and I remember why I understood their affair and why I wished for a different ending to the story.  And yes, so it was composed by Clint Eastwood who has now taken to speaking to empty chairs...BUT...IF there is ever an aisle to walk down with my daddy...this is what I choose...and I've know it for 18 years.

Here's hoping your day was filled with love, joy, laughter and most importantly, music!

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  1. I dont know any of these songs! I need to listen to some. I don't think I really like love songs. I tried thinking of one and none came to mind. Just break up sad songs. I think that says not so great stuff about me and I must change that

  2. Alvina...It took a LOT of thought to choose happy love songs. Next will be sad break up songs and the "lines" that make them so great...or at least resonate with me! Trust me...I've got way too much experience with heartache songs! I am not a huge fan of love songs...I usually want to gag. BUT...these don't make me want to gag...and it was in honor of the holiday! Thanks for reading!