Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Try Again

Given that I am currently on SPRING BREAK...this particular Tuesday is REALLY not terrible, except for that small blip with Blogger earlier.  But, I was informed Mercury is in retrograde so it all makes perfect sense.

Today I am grateful for a few things:
1) Sleeping in!
2) Turning on the television and happening upon Marie Osmond's talk show (who knew?).  Her guest was Vanna White and I was really delighted with her interview.  She talks!  And not only does she flip letters...she flips houses.  She also crochets and has a line of her own yarn.  A portion of the proceeds go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.  Last year she was able to donate one million dollars!  And damn...after 30 years she has not aged ONE DAY!
3) Then I flipped over to NBC and happened to catch the beginning, public portion of Conclave.  Now...I have been to the Sistine Chapel before.  It is quite dark in there as no lighting is allowed in an effort to forever preserve the masterpiece.  But today was an obvious exception.  It was breathtaking to see the walls and ceiling lit up by television lighting.  It was as if the images were floating off their surfaces and gracing the chapel with just a bit holier air than normal.  God be with the cardinals as they make an incredibly difficult and potentially far reaching decision.  I may not be the best Catholic in the world and I certainly have my issues with the church...but there is just something about watching ancient, religious tradition coming through my fresh, flat screen television.  An oxymoron come to life.
4) In preparation for adding onto my Booty Ballet class curriculum, I decided to dive into some ballet texts.  You would think that after oh...15 years or so...of dance training, primarily ballet, I would KNOW this information.  I suppose when you start at 3 no one tells you why you being plie in first position as opposed to second even though second is easier.  And why allegro is so important.  As a kid...you go to class and just "do."  And the true teachers barely utter a word other than to direct or critique.  A dancer never speaks in class...I do not remember questions being encouraged.  Needless to say...I am loving all the a-ha moments I am having and fully intend to round out my ballet knowledge, even if these bag of bones can't quite get to those places anymore!
5) Looking forward to a fun night of Booty Ballet and Tiki Tuesday at The Brooklynite!  Be there ate 8pm!

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