Saturday, June 27, 2009

Farmers Market and San Antonio River Museum Reach

I woke up very early this morning to teach my final Pilates class of the week. I have been subbing for my mother. (She has been in McAllen all week spending some time with my grandmother. Tomorrow my mom will return....with grandma in tow....and grandma will be staying with me all week!) Carolyn Bell called early this morning and suggested I stop by The Synergy Studio (located in the "Can Recycling Building" on the grounds of The Pearl Brewery) for a trunk show by Autum Teneyl Designs. Fabulous! A perfect opportunity! I have been threatening to visit the Farmers Market at The Pearl Brewery for several Saturdays but have not been motivated enough to get up early. In addition, I have been excited to visit the new "museum reach" section of the San Antonio River. Part of the Riverwalk extension runs immediately behind the grounds of the Pearl Brewery. Serendipity was completely on my side this morning.

The Pearl Brewery was established in 1881 and first produced Pearl Beer in 1886. Originally known as both the "J.B. Behloradsky Brewery" and the "City Brewery" it eventually came to be known as "San Antonio Brewing Company" in 1902. Otto Koehler left his position as the manager of the "Lone Star Brewing Company" to assume a position as manager and president of the "San Antonio Brewing Association." Under the direction of Koehler the brewery increased in size and also increased beer production. The San Antonio Brewing Association transitioned from micro-brewery to a formidable competitor to the considerably larger Lone Star Brewing Company. Brewing continued until 1999 when production was transferred to Ft. Worth, TX. While the San Antonio Pearl Brewery closed it's doors in 2001; Pearl Beer is still being produced by Miller Brewing in Forth Worth, TX.

Currently the grounds are being re-imagined and re-invented into a culinary and cultural center where one can eat, play, live and learn on the banks of the San Antonio River! The "Pearl Farmers Market" is a producers-only market. It is open every Saturday (with the exception of holidays) from 9am-1pm. Each vendor is expected to have grown, produced, harvested and raised their own goods and products. Shoppers are able to purchase directly from the vendor and can expect to find fresh fruit.......
organic products such as lavender infused soaps, candles, etc......

organic vegetables.....
and fresh wildflowers.
The Farmers Market experience was enhanced by a live Zydeco Band. Also available to purchase are fresh breads, meats, seafood, jams, jellies, sauces, salsas and cool drinks to combat the sweltering heat! I purchased 6 yellow squash for 2 dollars, 3 sweet potatoes for 1 dollar, 1 golden onion for 50 cents, 6 peaches for 5 dollars and a bag of fresh okra for 2 dollars. I thought grandma would enjoy some fresh fruit and veggies during her stay.

After I finished shopping I walked down to the river and walked around a teeny, tiny little section of the new river expansion. I would have stayed longer BUT it was already very, very, very hot and I was in full Pilates-ware which does not lend itself well to warm, outdoor climates.I believe this part of the extension is called "Pearl Springs." It is directly behind the "Full Goods Building" of the grounds. It is beautiful. I can not wait for cooler weather so I can continue my adventure north AND south of this location.
I met "Mella" and her human on the banks of the river. Her human was meditating and "Mella" was doing what I only WISHED I could have been doing!
On my way back to the car I stopped at Melissa Guerra. Think Willams-Sonoma or Sur la Table with a South Texas flare! Not only can you purchase all manner of kitchen ware, gadgets and gidgets; you can also purchase jewelry, cards, soaps, candles, huraches, guaberas, leather goods, textiles, hand carved goods, textiles and antique fixtures. This store boasts an endless variety of dried chiles, corn husks, mexican vanilla, coffee and essentials for baking. In addition you can purchase large statues of saints, cookbooks, cd's, cookware, glassware and dinnerware. And the best you can do it all under the blanket of fantastic tunes from south of the border that force you to move your feet as you consider which tricked out Cuisinart you are going to take home with you!

Overall an excellent morning! I like to think I took myself on a date and had a fabulous time! I hope you all consider enjoying the grounds of The Pearl Brewery. I would like to imagine my future home will be located on the very same grounds. Apparently condos are on their way. I am proud of San Antonio....slowly but surely....we are gettin' there! I will spend an entire other post on The Synergy Studio.

Have a wonderful weekend! I need to get movin'...big plans this evening!

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