Thursday, June 18, 2009

Welcome Gianna

Welcome baby Gianna Salua Mery! She was born 06.17.2009 at 8.03 am. She weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 19 inches long. Mother and baby are doing well.

Gianna was born to Vincent and Najla Mery. She is also welcomed by her big brother, Blake and her grandmother, Sito Nashla. Najla and I have been friends since we were three years old. We met at the monkey bars. I believe I have chronicled this story I will spare you all the details. Actually, our grandparents knew each other. And...almost 34 years ago this my mother was going home from the hospital (with me in hand) her mother was coming in for delivery. They said "Hi" to each other in passing! I am so happy for Najla, Vincent and Blake. Gianna was prayed for and hoped for and imagined for a very long time. Najla...I am so happy she is finally here! This is a dream come true for you. I am so proud of you and I KNOW you are gonna "rock this out" just like you do with everything else! I am here for you and I can not wait to watch this little girl grow. We are going to have a blast spoiling her rotten. I love you all so much. It was a true honor and joy to spend the day with you yesterday. I look forward to many more lazy summer days where we all pile into bed and watch Gianna sleep. It doesn't get any sweeter than that.

Congratulations to you all! Next year this photo will include one more sweet angel.....

As I anxiously awaited the arrival of this baby...I reflected back on our lives together. It wasn't so long ago (at least it doesn't feel like it) when we were babies ourselves and our moms were trying to figure out how to raise us! (They were so much younger than we are now. Can you imagine that?) Najla, there is not a time in my life....that I can actively recollect....that you were not a part of. While you always lived in McAllen, my parents were busy moving me around Texas (and in an out of Mexic0) and despite all that...our mothers saw fit to keep our connection strong! I think their commitment to our friendship has been the solid foundation we have needed to get through the tough times we have weathered...and there have been some tough ones! But we have always managed to eek it out. Mostly as a result of YOUR resolve and commitment to "us!" Neither of us have siblings. You and I are the closest thing to sisters either of us have. I am so proud of the woman you have become. The road was a tough one, filled with obstacles and hard learned lessons. But you have a MIRACULOUS and INSPIRING way of always landing on your feet. You have taught me so much. I often feel that even though I am seven days older, I am really more like the younger sister looking up to you and following your lead and learning by your example. I love you and I ALREADY love Gianna. I have loved her since Walnut Street when she was just a character in our girlhood dreams. I thought a little trip down memory lane might be fun!

One summer Najla's mother allowed my mother and I to stay with them while my mom was completing a summer course. They had our picture taken at a professional photography studio. Najla's barrettes were just a smidge fancier than mine! I secretly wanted her fancy hair accessories. ( hair accessory craze started very early.)
Najla invited me to her middle school dance. I was not enrolled at that school, rather I was visiting McAllen for the weekend. Her mother thought it might be nice if I joined Najla and her friends for their 8th grade Valentine's Day Dance. We went to Mazzio's Pizza afterwards. I am not even going to begin the commentary on either "look." If I did we would be sitting here for hours. Let's just was not our best moment! (And that is not just conjecture. She and I have discussed this photo at length on a number of occasions. I do not think she would mind me commenting on it!)
Najla and I at our Cotillion. Sorry and I know what I am referring to.
My 21st birthday party.
Najla's graduation from The University of North Texas.
Najla's celebration at Zinc....she was the number 1 salesperson for Pfizer! (I can't remember the specific product. Was it Aricept?)
I believe this was...hmph...I can't remember. What are we celebrating here? I know we are at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. What was the occasion?
Najla and I at her bachelorette weekend in Austin. Looks like we are at Pangea.
Najla, Cory and I at a Spurs game last season! This is the evening I officially won Vincent over with my basketball knowledge!
You and I on your very special day. Look how far we have come.
May God bless you, Gianna, Vincent, Blake, the "sugars" and your mother! All my love!

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  1. You two have both come a long way! But I must say that you and Najla also rocked those eighties dresses! Teehee!