Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weekend in Austin: Part Three-Hotel San Jose

Today was the last day of school for our students! (I still have 8 more to go. But thankfully, I have a wonderful job that allows me two months vacation time in the summer so I can NOT and will NOT complain.) As I was walking to my car I realized this was my 10th last day of school. I was struck by how the time has flown by and I wondered how many more "last days of school" I will complete.

While I was in Austin over Memorial Day weekend I received a long awaited text from my friend Sara. It simply read, "I am engaged, chica!" Sara and I work together (and while neither of us have any recollection of this we grew up on the same street in Brownsville and KNOW we must have played together from time to time). Rico and Sara have dated since December, 2001; although they have known each other since high school. I am absolutely thrilled for you both. Through the last 7 years I have seen your relationship grow and I know this natural progression was something you were both looking forward to for a very long time. I have seen you both be true to one another and always lean on each other during tough times. You make each other and your families your priority. I think you two are certainly soul mates and each other's perfect match! Congratulations and best wishes and I WILL BE in Cabo next June. And thanks for offering to feed us, Sara! I knew you would change your mind. In celebration.....Rico and Sara.......
While Ciara and I were strolling around South Congress we tucked into the entrance of Hotel San Jose. I knew about the charming, eclectic and soulful hotel because Ciara and Ryan retired there after their wedding celebration. I have also passed it hundreds of times because they once lived seconds from hotel's location. However, I had never entered the front gate. As we were walking and talking she said, "Hey, let's go in there. I want you to see it. You would love it here!" Immediately upon entering the gates we found this little bird completely LUXURIATING in this zen like fountain. We both stood there, silently watching this bird continue to bathe. The bird must have spent AT LEAST three minutes splashing around completely unaware of our bizarre, voyeuristic fascination. I figured I might as well pull out my camera and capture whatever I could. I took a ton of pictures and this bird was NEVER disturbed by our presence. It was the embodiment of "singularity of purpose." Of course when the bird was done it flew straight towards a woman who had a fear of birds. I laughed a little then remembered my "iguana thing" and imagined one coming towards me in a similar fashion. Suddenly it wasn't so funny anymore!

Today, in honor of this little bird, I celebrate luxuriating in a bath! My evening bath is very often THE highlight of my day. I can not think of a better way to end my day and prepare for slumber. Hot baths have always been most restorative for me and I consider a hot bath the panacea for any and all physical and emotional ailments. When I am feeling down...for whatever reason...that is the first place I can be found. Lights off, candles lit, music on, bath salts dissolving....that is one of my life's simple luxuries. I am sure I am at the top of the water conservationist movement's "most wanted" list....but I do my part in other ways! I wash my own dishwasher for this girl! So I think that makes us just about even.

As for Hotel San Jose....I can not wait for a good excuse to treat myself to an evening or two at this well known establishment. I imagine drinks in the courtyard, dinner at the Italian restaurant down the way, dancing at the Continental Club, a hot bath, deep sleep, drawn curtains, waking up late, coffee in my terry cloth robe, fish tacos at Guero's and shopping along South Congress. That sounds like a perfect weekend! Yummy and delicious!

A footnote to my Austin trip....I spoke with Ciara two days ago and she said Ella transitioned to her new school with overwhelming ease. She acted as though she has been in attendance for years and her teacher is very proud of her "potty progress!" Only pull ups for this girl! Way to go Elly Belly.....I am so proud of you!

Right now I am lovin' my new shoes. What I love EVEN MORE is that they only cost me 27 dollars! Oh yes...ladies...I said 27 dollars! You know that feeling....victory! Of course...they are just a tad too large but for 27 dollars I can throw some inserts in there and go on with my evening! Personally, I have found my shoes set the tone for my entire mood. If I am feeling sassy in my shoes I tend to also feel sassy from head to toe. A few weeks ago Isaac Mizrahi was a guest on The Splendid Table. In addition to being a designer he is also somewhat of a chef. When Lynne Rossetto Kasper asked him what the most important elements of a good dinner party were he said aperitifs and dessert. When she asked why he said it was like good fashion. What is important is what is happening with your hair and jewelry and your shoes....everything in the middle is just incidental. He said people will remember the drinks you serve when they walk in and the dessert they are sent off with. Again everything in the middle is simply incidental. I couldn't agree more! I knew I adored this man for a reason!

Additionally, I am currently lovin' my new nail polish. It is called "Hunger" by NARS. I got what might quite possibly be the last bottle in San Antonio. A special shout out to my "hook up." He never lets me OR my mother down! This color is part of their summer line called "Vintage Nails" and is in apparently very high demand. I feel very privileged to have it on my toes! It is the perfect shade of orange. (Yes...I did, in fact, take this many...and of these shoes on several separate occasions!)
Just a quick Stella and Dot party will be Thursday, June 11 at 6pm. It will be held at Soho Wine and Martini Bar. Please feel free to drop by, throw back an exquisite drink and shop the hippest, cutest, most affordable jewelry I have seen in a long time! If you can not make it...or you live out of here to start shopping. Click on the link titled "Can't Make It To Party: Find Your Hostess" and then enter in "Patty Vela." Orders need to be in by June 11. This jewelry is very unique and whimsical. The nice thing about the line is there are a lot of different styles for various tastes. Additionally they have a men's line for that special guy in your life. I can't wait to see you all there and may I suggest the "Dirty Sour Martini" and the "Carrot Cake Martini!" You will NOT be disappointed!
Lorelai has just been ditched by her eccentric employee for a Celine Dion concert instead. She is in desperate need of an escort to a wedding. She is so frustrated with his last minute bailout. She screams, "FRACKIN' CELINE DION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I believe many of us understand the sentiment.
Goodnight friends. I have a ton of things to do this weekend and that means of ton of pictures to share!

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