Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

It is hauntingly quiet in here today. I have made a concerted effort to turn off the television lately. As a self proclaimed TV junkie this is rather difficult for me. I usually turn the TV on for background noise. Instead I have opted for the gentle comfort of silence. I turn on the television when I have time set aside as "TV time" and I catch up on the shows that I have waiting to be viewed. Otherwise I am trying to be alone with my thoughts on a much more frequent basis. It feels eerie a lot of the time. But like will just take getting used to.

Today I CELEBRATE my mom and dad as they CELEBRATE their 37th anniversary. There isn't much I can say that won't sound trite or overused. I could say, "Wow! 37 years! That is amazing." But in truth...I (obviously) haven't even been alive for 37 years so I can't imagine doing ANYTHING for that long! I could say, "Wow! Marriage is so rewarding and yet truly hard stuff." But in truth...I can't comment on this either as I have no experience in this particular domain. All I can say is that I love you both very much. Your relationship has been a model for me. Not only is it something I aspire has also taught me how I want to function in relationship to other people...not only a spouse, but family, friends, loved ones, colleagues, etc. The amount of genuine respect you give to one another inspires me to treat EVERYONE in a similar manner. The integrity with which you have chosen to conduct your married life has shown me how I want to conduct my own life. The devotion to each other...and as a result to your child...has shown me how I should, and can, devote myself to others. The manner in which you have chosen to face adversity has taught me that with the right people in your corner there is nothing you can not face and I will never have to face adversity alone. Even though you are apart today, I know you will both be reflecting upon the joys and sorrows, the good times and the tough times, the young years and the not so young years, my entrance and my continued presence, your young love and your more recent love, today. Here's to many, many, many more years! Congratulations!

I have adjusted the playlist to play a song for you called "Anniversary Song" by The Cowboy Junkies. I first heard this song when I was about 20 years old. It left a deep impact on me....even though I could hardly even imagine such a concept back then. I hope you take the time to listen to the words and celebrate your wonderful day! I think it captures the spirit of a solid partnership and really "celebrates" the joy of having a partner for life. How lucky you both are to have found one another and to have continued growth in the same direction. Thanks for never giving up on each other or on me.

I also want to celebrate some of the fun moments I have had over the last few weeks. Last Thursday Jace', Heather, Sangeeta, Rupa, Nick and I enjoyed tapas, sangria and Logan Keese at Carmen's de la Calle Cafe. I am ashamed to admit this...but I ALWAYS forget Carmen's is here. And every few years I have the opportunity to visit this unique cafe. And every time I sit there I think to myself, "Wow. This place is so great. Why don't I come here more often?" Now I think we will have a good reason to frequent Carmen's with more consistency. I believe Logan Keese will be playing more often. He plays at Carmen's with a larger band than just the duo he usually plays with at Soho. The vibe of the music feels a little bit different...I dare say a tad more modern...but my ear is completely untrained so I really have no idea what I am talking about! However, his mother told me today that the evening we saw Logan at Carmen's, the band played about five songs Logan had composed! I recorded about 30 seconds of a solo Logan played that evening. It is really dark and you can hardly see a thing...but you can hear it! And that is what is most important! So....enjoy the next few photos and then scroll down, pause the music, scroll back up and press the arrow....! You know the drill by now.

I was playing around with the different settings on my camera and took a ton of photos of the sangria pitcher and sangria glass. It was like Kool-Aid, my friends! Dangerous, but delicious!

A black and white photo of Logan playing his trumpet.

Rupa and her husband, Nick.

Heather, Jace' and I......

A photo of the band. And I hate to admit this but their name escapes me right now. I need to ask Logan again so that you can keep an eye out for their next gig.

And now for a little sound of heaven.....Logan's solo. Enjoy......

The following Saturday I made plans with Rupa, Nick, Sangeeta, Nisha and Jordy to play by the pool. Afterwards we went back to their house and grilled yummy steaks. (Okay, "we" didn't grill the steaks...Nick did. And they were amazing! He does this thing with coffee grounds as a steak rub. Delicious!) Here are some pictures from the pool. This is Sangeeta with her nephew, Rupa and Nick's son, Jordy. He has the most beautiful eyes and some heavenly long eye lashes. He bats them at you and smiles and your heart immediately belongs to him.....
This is Nisha. She is Rupa and Nick's daughter. She is the definition of "sass!" This child is funny! She has an authentically original sense of humor and I could just sit and listen to her for hours and be completely entertained! She really enjoys life and it is so lovely to see a little girl with such an amazing sense of self and undeniable confidence. I hope she never loses that side of her. She is precious! And did I mention, funny?

Geeta, Jordy and I enjoying ourselves by the pool.

Jordy had NOT had a nap that day. This picture was taken about 3:30 and he could barely keep his sweet eyes open. He fell into a very deep sleep the second we got in the car and drooled all over Auntie Patty's shoulder when she took him out of his car seat! No matter....sweet slobber!

Nisha and I.

A short film of Nisha for your entertainment. We aren't quite sure what this "dance" is called but you can hear her mom in the background commenting on how the dance just took my blog from a "G" rating to a "PG" rating.

I had a lovely evening with my dear friends. I am so happy for Rupa and Nick! Their children are absolutely beautiful. You have created a wonderful life for your children. I am so pleased you are all back in San Antonio and I get to be a part of your lives again. I am also so privileged to watch your babies grow! I can NOT wait to see the young adults they become. With parents like you the possibilities are limitless. Thank you for always graciously hosting me in your home. I absolutely love the time I spend with you all! And Geeta I am so glad you are able to visit your sister so often and for such long periods of time. However...I am still hoping for a trip to Denver in the late fall, okay?

Just wanted to send out another reminder about the Stella and Dot party this Thursday at Soho Wine and Martini Bar. The party starts at 6pm. I hope to see you all there! Also, if you are unable to attend but want to place an order please click here. Once at the web page you need to click on "Can't Attend Party. Find Hostess." Enter in "Patty Vela" and happy shopping!

Today's quotable comes from ANOTHER one of my magnets made by Quotable Cards. It is from a popular children's book called Alice in Wonderland. I love the message Lewis Carroll sends here and I find it most fitting in relationship to a series of conversations I have had with Najla over the last two days. Again...thank you friend for the wisdom of your experience! And let's always instill this message in Gianna as we watch her grow from a baby into a woman.....
"There is no use in trying," said Alice; "one can't believe impossible things." "I dare say you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." -Lewis Carroll

Lorelai and Rory have decided not to "talk" because things in their lives are so serious. They want to find an activity where they do not have to talk. They figure they might try a sport. They ask Lorelai's snooty, French, sexually ambiguous, employee Michele what types of sports he plays.
Michele: Well, Pilates, of course.
Lorelai: What?
Rory: It's like yoga with cables and wires.
Lorelai: Sounds dangerous.

Goodnight friends and, once again, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

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