Monday, June 15, 2009

School's Out For Summer

Who is the laziest, most irresponsible blogger on the planet? That would be me. I am not too proud to own it....I willingly accept the title! Last week was crazy! And last weekend wasn't much better. However, as of noon today, I am officially on summer break! I know you are all dying to know how I celebrated.....I went to Best Buy and I made my official purchase. Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen.....I bought a Macbook Pro (with a little help from my friends...thank you)! I will collect it bright and early tomorrow morning. And it gets even better....because I was too afraid to make the purchase two weeks ago and I waited and procrastinated...I was able to purchase a BRAND NEW model that was launched only last Tuesday....for $100 dollars less! The light was shinin' down on me...kind of like the day I bought my first pair of vintage cowboy boots!

I have a ton of photos to share.....I hope to be a much more diligent blogger in all my free time! (These are not necessarily in chronological order....although I will try to blog "in order of occurrence" as best I can.)

So the other day I caught my children "in the act." Toilet paper far...the most fun toy in this house. I can NOT keep the roll on the roller/dispenser thingee. I have to keep all rolls stored in cabinets at all times. Sounds like a tight plan, doesn't it? Not so much. My children can pull it off of and out of any cabinet. I just never figured out who the culprit was. Looks like I caught the ring leader and I have to say...I was pleasantly surprised. I assumed all mischevious actions were Lola's idea. Nevermind who hatches the plan the bottom line is I spend more money on toilet paper than anyone I know. This is a weekly occurrence!

Lola simply joins in because she can not refuse a party.

There are times these cats drive me insane. But then...for about 10 minutes...they are all calm, cuddlin' with me in my bed...and I am so happy they each found me. I am happy to waste money on toilet paper as long as they continue to keep me company. Some days it is much needed!
As most of you know I am terribly afraid of lizards. It is an irrational fear and is not based in any solid traumatic experience from my childhood. It just IS...period! I have been afraid of them for as long as I can remember. My mother...on the other hand...thinks they are precious and often thought it was quite funny to let them into the house to torment her daughter! (No one ever called the authorities on that one!) Dad often had to referee and remove them from the house. There were times the lizards put up quite a fight and his fingers caught the brunt of their frustration.

Anyhow...I am really trying to get beyond this fear because it limits my backyard activity and annoys people that have to be outside with me, go to the zoo with me, go to Cozumel (or any tropical area) with me, etc. Saturday morning I was heading out for a road trip when I found this little one sunning him or herself in my back patio. I got in super close....then zoomed in with the camera...and here is what I got. Not so bad...kinda long as there is safe distance between us!
Are you proud of me, mom? Immediately prior to boarding my first international flight (to London for my study abroad program) she gave me a plastic lizard. She knew I was very nervous about the flight as there had recently been a tragic plane crash out of New York City. She said, "This plastic lizard is to remind you to boldly face your fears. Hold onto it for the duration of the flight!" For eight hours I gripped the lizard tightly. It travelled in my fanny pack (oh yes...I said fanny was a very safe way to keep my belongings close to me while on trains and subways) the entire semester. That lizard has made at least four international flights since...and has accompanied me on every "scary" my pocket (I tossed the fanny pack long age). I think that more than makes up for the torture my mom poured upon me in my childhood by allowing them in the house.

Today I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Rowan Landry Gragg. Rowan was born on January 3o, 2009 to Roger and Dinah Gragg. Dinah and I went to college and graduate school together, completed all our graduate assistantships together and now we work together. Dinah has become a very dear friend to me. And it must be said...Roger is one of the funniest people I have EVER met. They are such a lovely couple and I am so happy for their new blessing.

I love you baby Rowan! And I am so sorry I made you a little fussy today. However...Mommy made it all better by singing. And as many years as I have known your Mommy...I had no idea she could sing so well! Congratulations Dinah and Roger. He is beautiful!

This is a new addition to the blog. Today is the inauguration of "My Friend's Top Ten." The idea behind this is to get my friends involved in the blog. And, honestly, I am only as interesting and unique as the people I know. Each one of my friends is a tiny little expert on "something!" I want to celebrate that.

For the inaugural post I went straight to one of the coolest people I have ever known. I met Johnny Seale one of the first nights of college. My dorm had to play a very stupid game with his dorm. (Embarassing, I know.) Anyhow...we became good friends throughout college and Johnny was always incredibly kind to me....when other boys were busy being rude and uppity....Johnny always treated everyone with an equal amount of respect, open-ness and grace. I had not had the opportunity to keep up with him since we graduated...but I would often hear he was doing well and enjoying life in Dallas. About two years ago I started visiting Dallas more frequently and had the opportunity to catch up with him again and get to know his incredibly hip and sassy wife, Carley (who owns my favorite store in the entire world...The Gypsy Wagon). Johnny helped me with the basic design idea of this thank you friend. (Check out the rest of his brilliant design ideas at Cowboys and Indians magazine!) PS...the "spacing" is not cooperating here. So sorry.....this is driving me insane right now.

Johnny chose to share his Top Ten favorite songs to "groove by." I was able to add about five of them to the blog playlist. They should be the first five songs you hear. And I have been doing some serious groovin' in my rocking chair (what am I....a groovy grandma?) listening to these tunes. I have NOT edited Johnny's content. So....if your eyes don't like bad words....skip right on through. However...Johnny is a very witty and creative you might want to enjoy his unique commentary. In addition...he has been kind enough to provide the YouTube link to each of these. Oh yes...friends of future topics to come...he totally upped the ante!
OK: here's my 10 songs. They don't necessarily blend together, but I suppose they could. You'll maybe tell that I like Afro-cuban beats, foul language, and raves.

1) Up From The South by The Budos Band- There's a scene in "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" where John Slade walks down the street, and there's a full music section following him as he struts confidently through Jack's ghetto. Jack asks: "Who are these guys?" and John replies: "My theme music... Every good hero should have some." True dat, Slade: my music would be anything by Brooklyn's Budos Band. Video, includes 'Eastbound':
2) Let's Start by Fela Kuti- King of Afro-beat is sure to make it wiggle more than a little. In 1970's Nigeria:

3) Velvet Pants or Take California by The Propellerheads-Good grief, I still cannot believe these guys only put out one album "decksanddrumsandrockandroll." Excellent driving music, if you can handle spazzing out a little while behind the wheel. Someone's short video scored to Take California: No video here, but you can get a listen to Velvet Pants:
4) D.A.R.E. by the Gorillaz- When you listen, does your butt starting movin' front-back-and-side-to-side? Hey white people: feel that overbite comin' on? It's coming up / It's coming up / It's DARE! Neat-o sidenote: the backing vocals are from the lead singer of The Happy Mondays. If anyone knew how to get a party started, it was the Mondays. Video:

5) Golden Age by TV On The Radio- More dudes from BKYLN, throwin' down sound for your mound. "Oh, here it comes like a natural disaster / Oh, blowin up like a ghetto blaster/ Oh, here it comes, bring it faster!" Fun video:
6) Star 69 by Fat Boy Slim- If you want to turn your party into a full-on, butterfly-wings-and-glow-sticks rave, put this song once everyone is fully primed. Holy shit, I may have sweat my body weight out freaking out to this jam. Here's Norman Cook f*ckin in heaven:
7) Can You Feel It? by The Jacksons- Ah 1980: Disco was not dead yet, and Michael had yet to release Thriller. When people say they like "Off The Wall," many times this one gets left out of the conversation. Jane Fonda used this song in her aerobics tapes. Trippy video:

8)Hollywood Freaks by Beck- Absurdity. Genius. Tooty-Fruity. Automatic Biz-ootie. Make all the lesbians scream, here:
9) Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? by Boy George & The Culture Club- Was Boy George terribly misunderstood? Attention Adam Lambert: I triple-dog-dare you to outdo the career of this man. Plus, the dance moves in this video are off the pork pulley:
10)Pumping On Your Stereo by Supergrass- They may be from the UK, but when I listen to Supergrass, I can only hear California. I love the first several records by these guys. Checkout "In It For The Money" for the peak of their sound, in my opinion. Official video for Pumping:

Everybody say thank you to Johnny for making all your parties that much more fun! I hope he considers joining us again for another installment of "My Friend's Top Ten." I am hoping his presence increases my male readership from three to maybe five? Maybe next time you can rank your top ten favorite Cowboy hail mary passes of all time (you all know I have no idea what I am talking about). Jace' are up next. (By the MUST be does Johnny know about Jane Fonda using "Can You Feel It?" My mom worked out RELIGIOUSLY to that video and I have NO recollection of this.)

I have no official transition here. Just wanted to share a few photos from Christine's birthday party at Silo. We went specifically to hear Delta House....the best cover band EVER! We had an amazing time! Enjoy the photos.....

Christine, Jace' and Danica......
Christine and the lead singer. She requested "Pour Some Sugar on Me." He said the didn't know it. What cover band does not know this song? Jace' has HORRIBLY disappointed they didn't know her theme song. Holla! Instead he sang "Ring of Fire." A far cry from her original request.
Christine decided to give "Coach John Pena" some hair. We still aren't sure why or what prompted this action. But he was a very good sport.
Christine and I.......(why didn't I crop any of these? Too late now.)
Jace' and Danica.......
This night was so much fun! We all stayed out until "last call." Thanks for organizing your own party, Christine! Despite all the venue confusion....we ALL had a great time. Next year...third annual Silo birthday party? We can't break with tradition.

Just a reminder....the Stella and Dot trunk show order will be open until Wednesday, June 17. If you still have not made your purchase or you want to add to your order click here. Click on "Can't make it to party. Find my hostess." Then enter in "Patty Vela." Most of the trunk show guests have already received their purchases and are raving about their products! Check out the won't be disappointed!
Goodnight friends! Have to wake up super-fly early to collect my newest, shiniest toy. I am grinnin' from ear to ear as I type these words! What? Of course I will take a photograph!

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