Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Play It Again, Sam

Happy Tuesday friends! The last few days have been heavy with laze. But that is okay. Yesterday was the first day since school let out that I didn't have something pressing to do. It was nice to relax. I woke up early, completed a piece of copy that needed to be written for Pictoric Media Group (thanks again Ciara) and then spent the day on my own terms....well, sort of....
My grandma is here! And having a "lazy Monday" was ENTIRELY her idea. I asked her what she would like to do and she said, "Nothing. I want to have a lazy day!" I said, "Okay! I have been dying for a lazy day for weeks!" So yesterday we did nothing...and today wasn't much more productive (although we did manage to get her to the salon for a wash and blow dry). She has been resting quite a bit. My theory is my mom and my aunts tired her out last week with shopping, late night bar-b-ques, primping, packing, etc. I think she is recovering here! However that all ends today. Mom is at the helm tomorrow and I can assure you she will not be so indulgent. She intends to take grandma to the mall while I am at a meeting for the Bereavement Center Silent Auction.

We have had a brilliant time together so far. It is so wonderful to host my grandmother in my home for the week. I cherish and value this time together. It is rare that she and I are ever alone together. I know this week will forever be a precious memory...for the both of us! I intend to pick her brain and probe into all those stories I think she might be ready to part with.

This is my favorite picture of my grandma. As I write this she is looking at the photo. She can't remember quite how old she was but she remembers it was taken in Laredo, TX when she was enrolled at Holding Institute. She says it was a finishing school and had various programs for women. For instance they trained you to be a secretary and things of that nature. She laughed at how curly her hair was in this photo. She says she achieved the look with pink foam rollers....ladies you ALL know those! My mother would put them in my hair EVERY Sunday evening and I would sleep in them all night. Monday morning I sported a beautiful mane and a terrible crick in the neck! I will forever contend....beauty is, in fact, pain!
We just finished watching Casablanca. She said she did not want to watch a "current movie" because often she didn't understand the content. I suggested a classic film. We purchased it "on demand." I, shamefully, have NEVER seen this film! She says she has seen it more times than she can count. However, she remembered the first time she ever saw it was at The Majestic Theater in San Antonio with her father and step mother. I thought that was a particularly sweet coincidence because that is, by far, my favorite place in San Antonio. It is a truly regal, historical building. It is the theater where I saw my first musical, Les Miserables. I think my love of theater grew in large part out of the grandeur of that building! (Not necessarily the musical!)

Tomorrow we don't have anything going on in the morning so we can sleep in, have our coffee and breakfast, spend some time outside while she prays to Jesus and then prepare her for the mall. No doubt she will be exhausted by the time my mom gets done with her. Thursday we will visit with Najla and Gianna as well as attend a softball game. She seems particularly excited about that. Friday she is being treated to a facial by Rene at Healthy Skin. Oh...the pampering! She deserves it!
Today's Top Ten List is courtesy of Jace'. Jace' has this insane ability to watch a movie once and not only memorize the most poignant lines; but recite them on command. While she and I have rather different taste in films...I do appreciate her unique talent. She has a particular penchant for what I call "stupid movie quotes." When I suggested the topic she took some offense. What I should have said was, "Hey Jace'...can you provide me with a list of your top ten favorite comedy film quotes?" By no means do I think these movies are stupid...well...no, no, no. I won't comment. I haven't actually seen all of these. When Johnny provided the YouTube links to his favorite songs to groove by, Jace' said she WOULD provide the same service. She would simply NOT be outdone!

Jace' and I at Maria's birthday party. I am playing with black and white and blurring of edges.

1) Airplane! 1980

This had me cracking up when I was in elementary school!! It’s a classic!

Rumack: Can you fly this plane, and land it?

Ted: Surely you can't be serious.

Rumack: I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.


2) Wedding Crashers 2005

Mediation Scene This is too funny. Every time someone is talking to me and I don’t want to listen I just say this….

soon to be ex-wife: "You shut your mouth when you're talking to me!"


3) Pineapple Express 2008

Saul and Dale about to light up a joint.

Saul: “Just sit back and get ready to enjoy some of the rarest weed known to mankind...

It's almost a shame to smoke it. It's like killing a unicorn... with, like, a bomb.”

4) Grandma’s Boy 2006

This movie is HANDS DOWN one of my all time favorite movies! It’s hilarious! It’s so funny that there is not just one or two quotes that stand out, but since I couldn’t put the entire movie on the blog here is what I came up with.

After he beats Bobby in Dance, Dance Revolution, this is how Jeff reacts:

Jeff: “Uh-Oh? High Score? What does that mean? Did I break it?”

Jeff is about to loss his virginity to one of Alex’s grandma’s friends. This is their pillow talk in bed. Oh, and Jeff is only about 25 in the movie.

Jeff: “So, I mean, what’s it like being old? It’s gotta be weird, right? I mean you saw a lotta stuff go down. World War I, World War II, the automobile, Tupac…”


5) Caddyshack 1980

This movie needs no explanation, it’s still funny! The link is to the Caddyshack theatrical trailer.

Al: “Oh, this your wife, huh? A lovely lady. Hey baby, you must've been something before electricity.”


6) Role Models 2008

This movie has a few very funny quotes, but I have to include the Ben Affleck quote for my girl Patty!

Danny is this little 9 year old black kid that Ronnie and Wheeler have to be “Role Models” for (along with McLovin) so they don’t go to jail.

Ronnie: Suck it, "Reindeer Games!"

Danny: I'm not Ben Affleck.

Ronnie: You white? Then you Ben Affleck.

7) Friday 1995

This is another movie that needs no explanation.

Smokey: I got mind control over Deebo. He be like "shut the f**k up." I be quiet. But when he leave, I be talking again.

8) Office Space 1999

Bob and Peter are chatting about Peter’s lack of motivation.

Peter: “The thing is, Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care.”

The link below is the video of Peter “not caring” in the gangsta scene.


9) Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy 2004

This is when Brian is talking about his special cologne called Sex Panther…it’s made with bits of real panther…

Brian: They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.

10) Dumb and Dumber 1994

There are entirely too many from this movie, so I’ll just say this…

Guy in restaurant: “Kick his ass sea bass!”


A special "thank you" to Jace'. I absolutely adore this crazy talent of yours. You keep us all laughing all the time! Even if "some of you" don't believe she really saw a chupacabra at that bar-b-que joint!

Here is another card from Quotable Cards. I love the sentiment of this celebrated quote. I often think I need to abide by this gentle suggestion on a much more frequent basis. This one is tough for me. I keep it right next to my desk to remind me.

Goodnight friends! Grandma has fallen asleep as I have been finishing this up. Unfortunately I am going to have to wake her up to get her ready for bed. She does not enjoy this! Who can blame her?


  1. it was not a dog!!!!

  2. Like Danica I contest that it was indeed a mangy dog and NOT the chupacabra! : )