Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Teeny Tiny Departure From Family Vacation Series

Lazy Saturday! I love it! I just downloaded/uploaded (whatever) tons of raw and gritty lady songs and I am jammin' out, singing (Oh No!), french doors and windows wide open. I honestly believe if I just wish hard enough a soft north wind will ease through. In my is Autumn. (On TV it is Autumn....lots and lots of college football!)

I received generally good responses to my last blog post. I only had one challenging know who you are...and you know I love you so much I will listen to your litany of protests just to be in your extraordinary, intoxicating, beautiful presence!

Dad wanted to comment but he hasn't quite gotten the hang of "commenting" to my blog post. Instead he sent me an email and has kindly given me his permission to post it. He is my "guest blogger" for today.......

My dearest Patty,

I enjoyed the commentary on your blog tonight, sad as it was, regarding the President’s address to the youth of this country. I too think it is a shame that one or more would think that this man has intentions that are less than noble especially knowing how he feels about education and opportunity for the less fortunate. It is politics at its best in this country and sometimes it stinks.

But, it is all part of growing up and good for you for taking to the pulpit on something that is important to you. I’m proud of you for your commitment to honesty and the truth.

God Bless You


Congratulations to Melanie, Scott and Miss Wren Adams on the newest addition to their beautiful family. Baby boy Callan Adams was born yesterday at noon weighing 8lbs 7 oz. Mel had been waiting on his arrival for QUITE SOME TIME! Best wishes to you all and I can not wait to meet Baby Callan. photos. Just as soon as they get sent I will post one.

My much anticipated trip to South Padre Island (aka The Playground of my Youth) was unfortunately cancelled. Gracie still isn't 100%. She more like 85%. I was having major reservations about leaving for the weekend and the vet cautioned me against boarding her because of the possibility of an angry kitty hunger strike. I am. At home. Kind of lonely. A little bit bored. But I shall persevere! Anyhow...The Sandbar '08 crew (minus the "dead weight"/"black balled" member) have a weekend of fun, frolicking silliness and michelada drinking planned. You girls make me strong. Even when you are having dinner without me. But all have to look at yourselves in the mirror and deal with knowing the pain you have caused me.

Happy Saturday. Go Horns!

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