Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apologies...In Advance

I am going to apologize in advance! My week is going to be crazy and as a result I am fairly certain I will not be posting anything lengthy; if I get a chance to post at all! I know you are all wondering..."Why? What takes Patty away from the blog?" Really...I bet no one at all is wondering because everyone that reads this already knows why....but I just wanted an opportunity to use this cool, new graphic.....
This week will be completely focused on getting our first (and likely, only) round of solicitation letters out. They will need to be printed by Tuesday night at the latest. That means my five different databases and mail merges will NEED to be finished tomorrow and they are about 95% done right now. Wednesday-Friday is the "graffiti party" where the board members personally sign each letter AND then Saturday is the big fold, stuff, lick, address, stamp party! I will be wiped out! Hang in there....I will post soon. Lots of photos to share! Oh...and if anyone out there wants to donate....time, money, an to me! If you are curious about The Bereavement HERE! A wonderful organization....fauxcheaux!

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