Sunday, September 6, 2009

Family Vacation Part IV-Airstream and Cemetery (And some other stuff, too!)

I am currently sitting at Sara and Rico's watching the Steelers play the Titans. I don't particularly care for NFL football...but I wanted to spend some time with Sara and Rico and their Steeler enthusiasm is infectious and borderline fanatical! I have been meaning to post these photos for a long time. Given that I am supposed to be participating in a sports party I will keep this short. Additionally, my brain is mushy today! Too much stuff "on it" or "in" it or "surrounding" it or "escaping from" it.
In lieu of a trip to the beach for Labor Day I spent some time with my Sandbar gals. We spent an afternoon in downtown San Antonio. (Something we NEVER do! Sad, isn't it?) Dad was kind enough to give us his gift certificate to Mi Tierra. We had a blast; despite the hour long wait.
This is the botana platter we had while we waited for our table.
Jace' and Danica enjoying a drink before lunch.
Christine and I in the Mariachi Bar at Mi Tierra.
We headed down to SoHo after Mi Tierra and spent a very, very, very long time there!
Jace' and Christine cuddlin' on the couch at SoHo.
On Labor Day Christine, Jace' and I spent the day at my neighborhood pool. La Tejana and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. And then all the "people" showed up! Ugh...why can't we just have peace?
Tuesday Jace' and I went to the Maker's Mark Mixer at SoHo.
Cemetery photos from Charleston. I know, I know...morbid...sort of! If it wasn't so pretty in that overgrown sort of way......
Ya'll know about my Airstream dreams, right? Check out what I saw on the way from Charleston back to Jacksonville. I was hanging out the window and I am CERTAIN the owners were looking at me like I was completely insane! I took action shots....these are in order of how I snapped the photos. (Turn up the volume! I LOVE this song by Gomez and I think it is so appropriate to this post. This song makes me want to cross the country in my "imaginary" refurbished Airstream.)

Okay....back to the football party. Some guy just walked in wearing a shirt that says "Sweep the Leg." I don't get it....but everyone else does!

Goodnight, friends!

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