Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday.....

Soooooo sleepy and sooooo insanely brain fried! But I take this Wednesday post very seriously. So I shall persevere.

My tip for today is to read! What? This is a post about Weight Watchers, correct? Yep! Grab a book and read.

I purchased a book at my local Weight Watchers meeting location. I can not...for the life of me...remember the name and I lent it to a friend so I can't reference it. However, I can tell you it is one of the only two books available at Weight Watchers. This book contains probably fifty success stories. (And of course the introduction is written by The Duchess of York.) I read this book in the very beginning of my program. I found the stories inspiring. They provided me with a lot of hope and the wherewithal to stay focused. I imagined myself into each one of the stories and could taste (no pun intended) success. Another place to find inspirational stories is in the Weight Watchers magazines and at Weight Watchers on-line.

Imagine your own story. You are at the beginning. What would be in the middle? How does your story end? I know my story made sense in the beginning....got massively scrambled by circumstance in the middle and as a result the end was completely different than I had imagined! The end weight loss was as I imagined it....but the circumstances were TOTALLY, 180 degrees, different than what I had anticipated. In the end I felt even more proud of my weight loss because I had not let a "tough time" throw me off course!


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