Saturday, September 19, 2009

Little Green Men by Ella

Today is ho-hum, hum-drum, if you will. Not much has transpired. It has been pretty quiet and I have been counting down the hours until I need to start getting ready to attend a memorial service. I remembered I received a package in the mail yesterday. In the rush of the day I placed it on the dining room table and forgot it was waiting for me until about five minutes ago. I knew the package was coming in advance. Ciara and I spoke on the phone earlier this week and she mentioned she had just finished reading Eat, Pray, Love and suggested I might want to read it after I finish The Shack...sort of in keeping with the themes of God, humanity, love, self, relationship, communion, etc. She mentioned she would drop it to me in the mail. As a result, the contents of the package were of no great mystery to me. However, feeling "blah" today, I walked downstairs, brought the package upstairs, sat on my bed and pretended for just a moment that the contents were unknown, from a mysterious sender, from a far away, exotic location. I opened the package carefully, slowly, gingerly....full well knowing Eat, Pray, Love was waiting on the underside of the industrial strength tape. And while the book, in fact, was inside the was this beautiful reminder of the real, good, meaningful things in life. It is a piece called "Little Green Men" by Ella Bearden (Ciara's daughter). I immediately burst into tears of joy, laughter and longing. What a gift! Ella's picture is better than any mystery package I might ever hope to receive! I love you Ella Bella and I love you Sister C for always being a part of my life! Auntie Patty is most pleased and the day just took a turn for the better.....

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