Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank You Notes

While nothing can compare to sending and/or receiving a personalized, hand written, Thank You note....I have found this is a lovely, quick way to send your gratitude!  In a time when etiquette is having to shift and adjust for technology; this is the best, most sophisticated way I have found to send something that looks as close to "real" as possible.  Click here to sign in and create an account with Paperless Post.  I believe you get your first 25 "stamps" to email letters free.  After that you may either "earn" or "purchase" additional "stamps" to keep sending Thank You letters, Invitations, Birthday Greetings, Valentine's Day Cards, etc.....

Happy Funday, Monday friends.  I am so pleased I woke up at 4am today!  I was able to work on Silent Auction, send Thank You notes via e-mail and blog all about Paperless Post.

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