Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July.....

Happy Independence Day! Plans for the day include sipping on Lavender Margaritas...because after, white and blue DO make lavender....with my girls! Grandma will not be in attendance. Instead she has asked to spend the day with Mom and Dad grillin' in the sweltering heat! I am not sure she completely understands what she is missing. The Lavender Margaritas are refreshing and delicious!
Today I celebrate freedom! I celebrate this country and the freedoms I am allowed on a daily basis. I celebrate the individuals who make my freedoms possible. I celebrate our military, our veterans, our policy makers, our elected officials, our dear President. I celebrate our broken as some people may consider them....they are still the systems that are the foundation of the greatest country in the world. I celebrate the fact that I have the right to vote, the right to worship, the right to press these keys on this keyboard which allow me to share my thoughts, opinions, viewpoints, celebrations. While I very rarely...if ever..."gather" whether it be in support of or in protest of something...I celebrate the fact that I have the right to do so. Today I celebrate freedoms I don't even realize are freedoms because I take My American Life so terribly for granted. I mean...I should probably be celebrating the fact that I often lament over which brand of toothpaste might suit my needs best or which big box store is less annoying than the others. I celebrate that this country which allows my tiny, little, insignificant voice to be heard! I owe this country a great deal....and I know that I fall terribly short of my responsibilities as a citizen. However this year has been one of great shifts in paradigms...and I have realized my civic duty goes far beyond my employment in the public school system! I am challenging myself to be more pro-active in giving back to my community. And I expect you all to remind me of, and hold me to, this challenge. Deal? Cool!

And today...I celebrate the fact that my friend Todd has the freedom to express himself in his front yard by dressing up his flamingos for yet another holiday......

And he has yet to be kicked out of the neighborhood! Thanks again for sending me what is the equivalent of your "kid's photos!"
This quote is particularly relevant today...for a number of reasons. While I did not come over on the Mayflower (and I am fairly certain NONE of my relatives did either), and I did not witness the colonization of this country and I certainly was not in attendance at any important meeting in 1776...I can assume our founding fathers were operating on this basic assumption. Similarly, Joseph H. Pilates, born in Germany, came to this country to be the architect of his own happiness. He was a visionary and he knew that his vision could only be realized in this great nation. It is simple and direct....much the way I believe (and have heard first hand) Joseph H. Pilates delivered his knowledge and wisdom.

For some reason I am unable to scoot this graphic I will say goodnight here! Happy Fourth of July! Stay safe and stay cool!

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