Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All Good Things Must Come To An End

I have never been known for brevity. In fact...I have just joined Facebook and I have already received several complaints about my extensive posts. Apparently you are to keep your thoughts as brief as possible. Another reason I think this world is going to hell in a handbasket! What happened to the beautiful art of letter writing? No....it's been reduced to statements like, "LOL....WTF....LMAO!" Sadly...I know what all that means.

Tonight's post will be brief. I am tired and largely emotionally drained.
My grandmother left today. I was very sad to see her go. We had a lovely 9 days together. I loved the structure. I took her far outside of her comfort zones and she took me outside of mine. This week was filled with pure, dear memories that will live in my heart for the rest of my life. I will forever cherish the time we spent together. My grandmother is such a special woman who spent the bulk of her adult life suffering. I truly feel she has found peace in her old age. Unfortunately for the rest of us that has resulted in a much quieter version of herself. I feel she now spends a large part of her day resting from the difficulties of life and in deep introspection. While it is hard for a grand-daughter to witness....as an adult grand-child I can understand. My mother and her sisters work tirelessly to make this time of her life the most pleasant time possible. I applaud them for that. The way they love my grandmother is an inspiration to me....and really makes me think about the way I treat my mother! (Yes mom...that was one big, huge, blanket apology for my sassy mouth!)

It is so quiet tonight and I feel very lonely and without purpose. I am sure I will feel more normal as the days press on. But for tonight...the melancholy of her absence has set in deeply. I hope she now knows she is welcome here anytime....and that she can seek comfort and solace in my home. As I have mentioned before...every woman needs "that" place! ( Ciara....you know your house is "my" place!)

Below are a few photos from the week. Mom, grandma and I on the Fourth of July.
The one and only event that garnered ANY excitement from my grandmother.....my friends' softball game! She enjoyed the gentle breeze and the cold beer! And...The Chupacabra's spanked the other team...so badly the game had to be "called!" (Good luck this week. I know it is the big game. Unfortunately I will be unable to attend...but I am there in spirit!)
And the final, beautiful photo. Every morning after coffee we sat outside. I was able to catch up on my Texas Monthly magazines while she sat silent in prayer. I snapped this photo and thought it was absolutely beautiful. I love you grandma...and I miss you very, very, very much already!
Goodnight friends! Hug your families extra hard tonight. These are the people in this life that you can trust. It is such a beautiful thing......


  1. You're absolutely right Patty...friend...family members love you in your darkest and lightest hours. I'm happy to say that my "family" extends beyond the traditional sense of the word to those who bring me happiness and joy...you included.

  2. What a beautiful post. You are amazingly lucky to realize how amazingly lucky you are...(at such a young age...yes, I consider you to be at such a "young" age) Love, Aunt LaVerne