Monday, July 13, 2009

Random Photos Need Home

I have so many photos that need to be shared! I figured I would take this lazy Monday to upload all these photos and share them with you all.
Valerie's special birthday lunch at Sea Island. Jace' picked up this mini-cake for her.
Maria also celebrated her birthday in June. Her son, Logan and her husband, Rick hosted a special event for her at SoHo. The cake was unbelievably good! (Nadler's Italian Creme)
Logan cutting Maria's birthday cake.
Jace' and Maria celebrating Maria's 4oth Birthday! ;)
Jace' and Logan.
Rock Star on the Fourth of July. Aidan on drums, Patty on bass, Jace' on guitar and Julie on vocals.
Did you know that you play much better when you have properly stretched and warmed up?
Christine and Jace' single-handedly saved the Fourth of July BBQ. That's a large fire, ma'am.
Julie, Christine, Danica and Jace' at Christine's Fourth of July celebration.
After the second Chupacabra's softball win at Wetmore Bar. In this photo are Brian, Cyndi, Larry, Christine, Rico and Alma.
Larry, Christine and Rico lovin' the sweet joy of victory.
Celebrating at Wetmore Bar...Me, Julie, Christine, Alma, Cyndi.
Motz, Christine and Larry at softball park.
Rico and Sara at softball park.
Deep thoughts from the dugout. (Is that one word?)
Me and my girl....Ainsley!
Girls Night Out at Brasserie Pavil with Yvonne, Gloria, Rupa, Sangeeta and Katalina.
"Patty Posing" quincanera style at Sara and Rico's "Singles Party."
Sara and Rico graciously hosting us all in their lovely home.
Danica and Jace' at the "Sul Ross End of the School Year Bash." Jace' is an honorary staff member.
Enjoying the summer night at Christine's.
Beautiful ladies....Jace' and Christine.
Matthew, Danica and Sara.
Sara, Christine and I at the end of the year bash.
One of my favorite gals...Tracie Camp and I at end of the school year party.
I have been finding Tessie in this pose quite frequently lately! Seriously? Very un-lady like.
Phew....I feel so good having unloaded all those photos that were just begging to be posted!

Have a great week, friends!

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