Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small Detour on the Road Trip.....

We all needed this today. Jace', thank you for knowing when my heart needs mending through love and laughter. Logan, thank you for hosting us in your home (or your mother's home because let's face it...she has the divine pool!) Puppies, thank you for knowing when people need big, sloppy, puppy kisses. Nathan and Meredith it was lovely to meet you both. I very much enjoyed this day and this evening. My heart feels warm and full....and no longer full of holes!

And by the way ladies....this lovely gentleman can roast a mean chicken, sautee some sensuous kale and roast sweet potatoes to perfection! Oh....and did I mention he is a jazz phenom? I'm just sayin'! He's one of the good ones!

Oh and for further edification....or clarification...Jace' loves trees.

Goodnight....teaching Pilates early tomorrow then hanging with my gal, Rupa! YAY!

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