Thursday, July 30, 2009

Road Trip Part II

Today's celebration is the Holmes family! Cara, Eric and I attended Southwestern University together. Cara lived two doors down from me on "First Kurth" our freshman year in college. I remember thinking she was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen with her wavy dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She was so quiet and mysterious....and that lasted for about 1 week! I imagine a lot of people still consider her quiet and introverted. Precious few know the Cara that I know. I feel so lucky and blessed to have been one of the individuals in her life she has chosen to befriend and share her total self with! We have been friends for 16 years. Regardless of how much time passes between conversations or visits we are always able to pick up exactly where we left off. I have several friends from college that continue to be a very important part of my life. Cara is one of these people. We arrived at Southwestern as children....truly. We left only slightly less child-like. It has been such a privilege and gift to have Cara, Ciara and Jen by my side all these years and to see them become the outstanding women they are today!

Below is my very favorite photo of Cara. I think this picture captures her beauty and essence. It also offers the tiniest hint of her playful and ethereal side. I was privileged to be a part of Cara and Eric's wedding. I promise you that day Cara floated in her own beauty. She was as elegant and effortless as a ballerina. It was almost as if she was from another time and another place. Her loveliness simply wasn't earthbound!
Below is a photo of Cara at David Leggett's loft (which I will chronicle in a later post). This was taken last weekend.
Below is a photo of her husband participating in one of his favorite activities....Rock Star. Eric is in the green shirt. His brother Mark is on drums and Ricky (another old college friend) is the dude tearing up the guitar! Eric and I have also known each other for over 16 years. He and Cara started dating towards the end of our freshman year and they have been together ever since. Cara and Eric compliment each other beautifully! Where Cara is quiet and reserved, Eric is hilarious and the life of the party! Eric enjoys any excuse to throw a party! And when Eric hosts a function he leaves no stone unturned. Eric has always graciously hosted me in his home and I so appreciate the way he loves my dear friend Cara.
This is Cara and Eric's first "child" Buster! I love this dog just as much as I love Ciara and Ryan's dog, Toby. Buster is perhaps the most melancholy animal I have ever met. He seems most happy when he is left alone to rest on the guest bed. However, whereas Toby cuddles with me and allows me to be the human in the bed....Buster lays across the bed width-wise and does not appreciate my invasion of his sleep space! Sunday night's sleep was interesting.....I had about 1/10 of the bed to spread out on!
On March 31, 2007 Cara and Eric's family grew by one beautiful little lady. This is Josephine Elaine Holmes. She answers to JoJo......
JoJo enjoys riding in her little red fire truck......
She also loves when her Daddy turns her upside down.....JoJo has also seemed to develop an affinity for her Daddy's big gulp diet Cokes.....
She also very much enjoys having a leisurely ladies lunch with Mommy and Auntie Patty or Auntie P-Funk. (Eric is insistent all the important people in JoJo's life have a hip hop name. I could choose between P-Funk or P-Diddy. I decided to kick it old school and go with the George Clinton reference. Much more respect for his legacy! No disrespect Puffy.)
Walking is a relatively new activity so landing on the floor sometimes happens. At this particular moment she didn't want to get up from the floor so Auntie P-Funk laid down next to her and took a few photos. Most of them were "fussy face" pictures...but this one has that tiny little grimace that she no doubt inherited from her Mommy! Cara and I edited these on iPhoto to get some interesting colors and images.
JoJo also enjoys pineapple, strawberries and grapes. She loves to sleep with her baby doll Beatrix and needs a "sound machine" to get a good night's rest. She enjoys going for a walk to the corner store in the morning. (She really enjoys bringing Auntie P-Funk some coffee in bed!) She loves to gingerly bend down to give Buster a hug. She likes to look at pictures of herself when she was a baby and say, "babbbybbybbyyy." She smiles when Mommy tells her, "No, JoJo isn't a baby anymore!" She enjoys playing with her cousins Baker and Lucy and she gently pats baby Lucy on the head. JoJo is an angel. I loved every moment I spent with her and her hugs made Auntie P-Funk feel all better!
Unbeknownst to JoJo...she likes to shop, too! Okay....maybe it is her Mommy that likes to shop for JoJo but she certainly is up for the spree! Cara took me to a children's boutique in Dallas. She had purchased a very special, one of a kind, dress from the owner/creator at a local Farmer's Market. Cara was excited to visit the shop and was eager to show me the one of a kind creations of Christine's.
If you dropped me in the middle of Dallas I would have no idea how to find Little Bean ever again! Thus I am providing you the link! Christine creates children's wear from vintage fabrics. JoJo has two of her dresses and one of her tees. They are so whimsical and sassy....much like the fabulous lady that gives life to these special creations. I very much enjoyed visiting with Christine and ACTUALLY convinced her to create a BIG GIRL tee just for me! Perhaps if we all bother her enough she will launch a line for the ladies who are just little girls at heart? I can not wait to receive my birdie tee shirt! She and her husband also have an online magazine dedicated to little ones and the parents of little people. Visit here to visit

More of my Dallas visit to come. Heading out for family vacation tomorrow and MUST pack before my mother explodes. She must really wonder how it is at all possible she gave birth to me....they both must! They are such highly organized people....and I am just their terribly procrastinative (is that a word...I just made it one!) daughter!

Goodnight friends! I am going to continue to enjoy Pandora. It is a rough, gritty, woman time so I am listening to nothing but Patty Griffin, Lucinda Williams, June Carter Cash, Loretta Lynn. Feels good! Too bad I can't fit those vintage boots in my already overstuffed suitcase!

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