Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Road Trip Part I

On the way to slay the dragon I had to pick up some "power pellets" in the form of love, laughs and good times with sweet friends! I stopped off in Austin on my way to Dallas. Ciara and Ryan hosted me in their home...AGAIN! Unfortunately Ella Bella was with her "Gigi" that evening. However that did allow Ciara and I to meet Jen and Jaclyn for dinner at Sago.

Below is a photo of Jen and Ciara.
Below is a photo of Jaclyn and me. Please pardon the "cheese factor" for a moment. In my sorority Ciara is my little sister and Jaclyn is her little sister. So we are ADPi family! I won't go into any more detail. It is far too silly!
The photo below is funny. The table was really tall and we all felt like Alice in Wonderland. The glass was also rather large. Ciara couldn't help but snap a picture of how small I looked in comparison to the scale of the furniture and glassware!
Ciara, Jen, Jaclyn and I. We had a lovely evening catching up and making plans for a girls weekend in San Antonio! Ladies....let's make this happen. And Cara is in, too!
Ciara thank you for helping me through the following day. You are such a calming, gracious force in my life. You always take me as I am and you honor whatever space I happen to be in. When you need to point something out to me you have the most beautiful and authentic way of allowing me to see where my processing might be flawed or over processed or over thought. You have always helped me to forgive myself which is a huge difficulty for me. I love you so much, friend! People like you are what convinces me of God's grace!

As a sidenote....the dragon came to tea. But then I had to banish the dragon from my table because the dragon was just plain rude! But wouldn't you know....there is another dragon in the cave! Now...that dragon is available to tea anytime and a most gracious guest. What can I say....some dragons are just better than others. Thank God for well adjusted dragons!!!!!

Next post will include fun photos from Dallas! And you will all get to meet Miss JoJo Holmes! Goodnight!

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