Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Migraines+Insomnia=Grumpy, Cranky, Unhappy Girl (Who knows when this will get published or if it will make any sense at all!)

No progress has been made on the Top Ten Things to do this Summer. Ciara and I are trying to schedule a trip to Barton Springs. In our defense, we did try. However the day we went they were CLOSED. (Barton Spings+Padlock+Rain=Distressed Ella+Depressed Patty+Supremely Creative and Accommodating Ciara.) How is that for some real life applications of Algebra. Are you proud Ms. Mills?

I DID cast on 30 stitches with the help of Mama Maria (Keese) and now I need to drag my lazy rear out of this bed and get my "knit bag" to start my "knit knit pearl pearl" scarf of the summer!
Oh yeah! She's a 19 footer. She's been all over Idaho and Montana. She was droppin' her mama off at the airport in Reno as we were boarding our plane home. I just walked straight up and asked for a photo of this gem! The man was giving me way more details than my head could keep up with. He must have thought I actually have some working knowledge of the Airstream sub-culture. I pretended like I did and then feigned anxiety over missing my flight. I stopped short of asking if I could go inside....but only because "Mama" was in there relieving herself and that would have been odd, to say the least!
I have been "loving" this blog for a while. I just never really knew how to take a "screen shot" of it. I FINALLY learned how to take screen shots and size them down or up to the dimensions I need. It is seriously easier than breathing or blinking!

design*sponge is BY FAR my FAVORITE blog in the "world wide web!" What an amazing job the founder has....she wakes up and blogs about pretty, pretty, pretty "stuff!" She gets PAID of PAYED (whatever) to do this! "AH AH AHHHHHHHHH!" (The angels sing as I ponder the goodness!) If you love design and things and design-y things then check this out DAILY! She also share recipes, floral design, "before" and "after", OUTSTANDING gift guides (especially at Christmas), art....if you can look at it and your eyes can smile, she includes it in her blog. However, I believe she is located in NYC so most of the information is relevant to the east coast.
I must sign off now. I am so busy today....busy doing absolutely nothing of any importance. As much as I am enjoying the days to is getting to be "that time." I am needing to get back to a schedule. Ergh....

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