Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Progress...Minimal, at Best

I have developed a new crush! I am such a fickle little gal and I develop new love affairs with classic pieces of furniture just as often as the wind changes direction.

This is the Louis Ghost Chair designed by French designer Phillipe Starck. In my mind....I have a perfect location for this chair in my house. (You know...there is a very empty spot where the Christmas tree once was!) While I have tried to find some information on the chair (to be honest I haven't researched it all that well) all I can come up with is that it takes it's inspiration from (one of the) Louis!
The summer to do list is inching along. (Emphasis on the word "inching.") As predicted, too much time on my hands has rendered me slightly loopy. Common symptoms include needless crying, sleepless nights, inability to make a decision....I have come to terms with the truth and the truth is....I NEED TO WORK! Granted, I am the first to complain about "work" and "waking up early" and "following directives," but the fact remains....I do not do well when I have nowhere to go on a daily basis in a routine fashion.

However, I have managed to complete a few tasks. The closet is coming along nicely and many of my clothes found a new home at Buffalo Exchange; where I "exchanged" them for my first piece of Diane von Furstenberg silky happiness. I also dis-assembled the Christmas tree. I cleaned out my stash of books and received a WHOPPING 30 dollars from Half Price Books. I organized my coat closet, more or less, and made room for all of the random pieces of "entertainment" table ware that I never use because I never invite anyone over! (All of my friends are nodding their heads in sarcastic agreement.) I have remained committed to my Bible study and have also spent joyous time at The Children's Bereavement Center of South Texas visiting, planning, volunteering and feeling happy!

As of tomorrow I will be "on vacation"-for real. I may or may not have the ability to blog....so I will wish you all a good evening and if I can post...I will! (Although most of my 10 readers will actually be with me!)

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