Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Way of Seeing Things

What is an Holga? According to Wikipedia (so it MUST be true) an Hogla is an inexpensive, medium format, 120 film toy camera manufactured in China. It is known for it's low fidelity aesthetic. "The Holga's low-cost construction and simple meniscus lens often yields pictures that display vignetting, blur, light leaks, and other distortions. The camera's limitations have brought it a cult following among some photographers, and Holga photos have won awards and competitions in art and news photography."

I purchased my Holga about a year ago at Urban Outfitters. I was inspired by my wonderfully well rounded and eclectically diverse friend, Johnny Seale. He has created some beautiful Holga photos! He provided me some simple advice and led me to various web sites and I started playing with my Holga on my summer trip (2009) to The Deep South. Enjoy the photos that I JUST had processed (shame shame shame).......
I took this photo at a cemetery in Savannah, Georgia. I love how you can read that Mary Ann was the wife of Moses Coburn. I wonder what her other roles in life were. Perhaps mother, sister, daughter, friend? Giving into the slightly maudlin mood today I am curious what mine might say: daughter, friend, hater of the telephone, lover of antiques, insane Gilmore Girls fan, mother to three kitties, chronic procrastinator?
This photo was taken in the same cemetery. The outer walls were filled with these old tombstones.
Upon my return home, these photos were taken at my neighborhood swimming pool. This is intentionally blurry. You can expose the same piece of film as many times as you like. It looks like this was exposed three times.
This photo was larger, and how shall I say this, not so flattering! Thank goodness for "cropping!"
What award winning photo does not have a Pepsi cup from the local corner store in it?
Just a different perspective. Throwing this up on the world wide web is a true leap of faith for me...but I liked the angle and the color of the photo.

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