Thursday, October 7, 2010

Luke Danes' Dating Philosophies

Since I made my declaration of love for Luke Danes last night...I thought I might provide a list of his philosophies on dating.  This is by no means an exhaustive list.  I have to say...I tend to agree with him on most of these!

  1. Dating is the worst!
  2. It's a horror!
  3. I missed nothing by not dating.
  4. If I had dated a lot, I'd still be single, I'd just have spent a lot of bad nights at Tony Roma's.
  5. There's "The Gut."  I can tell if I am comfortable with someone within seconds of meeting them.  I feel it here...just knowing someone will let you be.  That is "The Gut Thing!"
Oh Luke Danes, you and your tool box, "Bert" can come over and visit me anytime!  And bring the coffee!

Goodnight dear friends!  And yes...this entire week is dedicated to Gilmore Girls!  Have a wonderful Friday!  Oh...and I am walking again!  Yay!

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