Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tahoe Holga Photos

I am ridiculously tardy!  Our Lake Tahoe trip was in July and I JUST took my Holga photos to be developed last week.  I collected them today and with as much patience as a 4 year old on Christmas morning I tore open the envelope to see what I had gotten! (That is the best part of the Holga...you NEVER know what you are going to get!)  I used color film on this trip and I played with the number of exposures.  Some of these have been cropped.
Pine cones, pine cones EVERYWHERE!  (Apparently they hurt when they land on your head.)
 Our fearless tour guide mapping out our bike route.
 View from back porch.
The chalet is owned by Texans. 
 Another view from back porch.
 I love the wispiness of the tree tops...I think I clicked the shutter twice on this one.
 What are you thinking about?
And because today is the final day in our week long celebration.....

Richard: Say, are you and Rory "wireless?"
Lorelai: Oh no, we're pretty wired most of the time.

Richard: Emily, I am going to "google" you.
Emily: You most certainly are NOT going to "google" me!

To figure out EXACTLY what happened you'd have to dig up Freud himself and have him work on me full time. -Lorelai

Jason: Crystal is just a friend.
Lorelai: A friend named CRYSTAL!  Who are you, Hugh Hefner?
Friends!  It is THAT time of the year again!  Silent Auction time!  Talk to me.....people!  If you know me, like me, love me....you WILL participate in some form or fashion.  So...what will it be...item donation?  Volunteering for the Gala, prior to the Gala....?  I just came home from a very productive meeting and I have the major GALA EXCITEMENT BUG!  I will keep you all VERY posted.  But...for now you can help in the following way....

This will be an ENORMOUS help to Silent Auction.  Thank you to Christina Welch for supporting Silent Auction and CBCST again, this year!  If there is a piece of Stella & Dot that you just can't live without...here is the perfect opportunity to adorn yourself for a good cause!  Directions are included above and please note the online party is open from today until October 19!

Sweet dreams, dear friends!  This week is flyin' by and I am lovin' it!

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