Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Life Changed Forever.....

Ten years (and one day) ago I tuned into the WB for a new show called Gilmore Girls. I was hooked at the opening....The La's singing There She Goes....a song that had long been a mainstay on "the soundtrack of Patty Vela's life." How could I not love a show that used this song as the opening scene. And then she says, coffee cup in hand, "Please Luke, please, please please," and I was hooked for life!

I humbly ask that you pardon my "day late" post of such a momentous occasion. Truth be told...I didn't know until today (thank you Lisa) and I was in no position yesterday to blog. I "threw my back out" at work yesterday placing my purse on the floor and was unable to stand or walk. (Crawling, however, worked like a dream.) My mom and dad came to pick me up and I had to be wheel-chaired out of school. Yes, wheel-chaired out by my mom and dad from middle school. It was JUST as embarrassing at 35 as it, no doubt, would have been at 13! SOCIAL SUICIDE!!!!!! with every situation in life I can draw a Gilmore parallel. Remember that one where Lorelai throws her back out, Sookie gives her a muscle relaxer and Emily insists on staying the night and feeding her mashed up bananas on toast? bananas here. My mom actually slapped some electrodes on my back, hiked the intensity level to 10, shocked the be-jeezus out of me, laughed and then went shopping! (It didn't really go down like that....but pretty close!)

I am not going to go into ALL the things about Gilmore Girls that I love so much. All I am going to say is that in the last 10 years (and one day) I have done an extraordinary amount of "growing up." And I think most of you who know me can attest to the fact that there were some very tough "growing pains" during that time period. The ONLY thing that has ever set me right and mended my heart (Jesus notwithstanding) has been episode upon episode of Gilmore Girls. I can still watch each and every episode and know where I was when I first saw it, who I was dating, who had just ripped my heart in two, who I watched it with, etc. etc. It's like a song that takes you back; or a smell that sets you to remember.

And as much as it might pain my mother to read this; there is a HUGE part of me that identifies with the "single gal" in Lorelai.....not the "daughter" in Lorelai, Mom! I really like that a female character on television was allowed to be single, beautiful AND funny (a lethal combination), flawed and judgy, but loving and most importantly "loved" by her friends, family and an occasional man! (I was always a sucker for Luke. Funny thing...I have dated a Matthew, a Mark and a John. I am just waiting for my "Luke..." my "Luke Danes!")

Today, as I lay in bed, bored out of my mind, I will make it a Gilmore day. I have already watched last night's episode of Parenthood (where there were surprisingly TWO ex Gilmore cast members), watch Network (one of Rory's favorite films), watch a few Gilmore re-runs, read my Redbook magazine with Lauren Graham on the cover and blog about the pilot episode that changed my life!

I have always contended it takes a "special person" to get The Gilmores! A dear friend, from high school, has recently been turned on to the series. I KNEW she would love it because she is just that type of "special person" and apparently....her awesome husband is, too! I do respect a man that can respect the Gilmores! Find me THAT guy and surround me with 1000 yellow daisies and the answer is "YES!" Tee hee!

Happy 10th Birthday Gilmore Girls! One day I hope that someone will understand and follow through on "100o yellow daisies" and run away with me to a place called Stars Hollow. Maybe someone will understand a fish pond made of an inflatable pool, an ice skating rink when "snow has made me mad," a spur of the moment wake for a cat, a "hoopa" (total phonetic spelling) and a bottomless cup of coffee.

I fancy myself superwoman, I really do....

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