Saturday, October 2, 2010

Always Room For One More

Look who had a baby shower today? Dinah, Lisa, Lavern and I hosted a baby shower for Holly and "Baby Girl Wright" at Kate's Frosting this afternoon. We had such a lovely afternoon...and the cupcakes were delicious! If you are looking for a sweet place to host a small event, I highly recommend this venue!
When I was a little girl I had a book called Always Room for one More. I seem to remember I received it as a gift. My guess is that it either came from my Aunt Sylvia or my Uncle Butch and his wife; though I can't be sure. They are both very bookish and I received many books from them as a little girl. (I am the kind of adult that gives books, too. I am sure my various "nieces and nephews" just LOVE that!)

As a child this book held absolutely no appeal for me. It was dark and grey. The words were bizarre and as an immature reader I couldn't understand why some words rhymed and others didn't. Despite my visual and auditory disdain for the book, the message seemed to stick. The intent the author attempted to portray was not lost on me and would resonate for years to come.

In short, a poor farmer, his wife and TEN children open up their home (and dining table) to the various and colorful townspeople who needed a roof and a hot meal. They invited so many people in that the house literally bursts and the community comes together to build a bigger, better house to fit everyone that could possibly need a home and some love.

I don't remember the last time I read the book. I must have been 8 or over 20-25 years. The thing all those years I never forgot the book. Not only could I recall the message; I could picture the front cover and vaguely remembered a song on the last two pages. Throughout the years I have always associated the message (and front cover) of the book with my Aunt Velma. A beautiful soul; she truly embodies the spirit and sentiment of the book. Every time I marvel at her gracious hospitality I hear the words "There is always room for one more," resounding in my mind. Then I pitifully think, "Oh, were that I had such a gracious heart."
The other day I had an opportunity to share the message of this book with a very dear friend (you know who you are). I have had the honor and privilege of learning that I have a friend with the same gracious heart. I have known her for a number of years; but only recently have I had the opportunity to see her with her family. Indeed, in her heart and in her home and in her family...there is always room for one more!

That was JUST the inspiration I needed to see if this book was still in print. I hopped on Amazon and there was the grey front cover. I immediately ordered several copies. They arrived last night and I carved out some special time to read the book an adult.

The reason I couldn't understand the book as a child is because it is a Scottish folk song. The author explains "....ALWAYS ROOM FOR ONE MORE is one of the many Scottish popular songs which have been preserved by oral tradition, being handed down by one generation to the next, but never appearing in print. My father sang it to us when we were children. He had been taught it by his father when he was a little boy, and my grandfather remembered it from his own early childhood. Because the Scottish words in which this merry little tune was written are somewhat difficult to understand, it was necessary to change many of them into others more familiar to American boys and girls. However, some of the Scottish words were left in the song because they sounded better than any new ones I might choose...." She goes on to provide a glossary of the Scottish dialect words with definition. I don't remember that part of the book. Had I bothered to learn the glossary at the tender age of 8 or 9 I may have enjoyed the book even more.

The message is clear....on this earth....there truly is enough room for each of us and we should honor each other by opening up our homes and our hearts to one another. I am, admittedly, the biggest offender of this simple notion. As such, I am pleased this little book has found it's way back into my life as a gentle reminder to be more open and loving.
Lorelai: He's liked you for 10 years?!?!?!
Sookie: Yes!
Lorelai: Wow...that is some serious Great Gatsby pining. You're his Daisy.

"Just remember....there is 'cute' jealous and then there's Othello!" -Rory
"Your life will be happy and peaceful!"
(No kidding....that really was my fortune! Couldn't have been more timely.)

Happy Saturday, friends! This weekend has been so beautiful in so many ways....the weather being the best part! My favorite time of the year has officially been ushered in. I look forward so sun and smiles and pumpkins and yellow chrysanthemums!

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