Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dudes: Listen Up

 Here's what I love.  I will be in some completely innocuous conversation with one of my male friends and he will (usually accidentally) reference something from my blog.  I pause, process, tilt my head to the side in gratitude and say, "You read my blog?"  

His answer: "Well, yeah, I mean...uhm..that one time and whatever so, OKAY, Yes, I read it. There."  
(Or something along those lines.)

Lately this conversation has happened with some surprising frequency which has my mind working in the direction of another blog...but more about that later.  

Today I would like to thank my male readership by introducing you to:

Sportsrant is written by Ryan Bearden...who because he married my favorite person and is the father of my favorite by default one of my favorite "guys."  And when I say Ryan is a "guy's guy"...I am NOT embellishing.  In fact, I once dated a man who said things like "I love Ryan" and "Are you kidding me?  Ryan was the best part of the whole night."  Sadly....that dude bailed....on me AND Ryan.  I bet he misses Ryan more...jack ass (him...not Ryan).

Anyhow...back to Sportsrant.  I usually read it with glaze-y eyes because I have NOT a clue as to what Ryan speaks of.  BUT...I DO enjoy his writing style and voice.  He's witty and I often laugh out loud...hopefully in the right spots...and most especially enjoy the times he includes an anecdote about his sweet Ella.  

While I am currently lazing about Mr. Bearden's guest bedroom as I am inclined to do (I get the BEST rest at Rancho de Bearden)...he is unavailable for an interview as he is hosting his family and preparing to watch the Alamobowl...I suspect with little enthusiasm.  Booo.  Ryan and I do agree on the Longhorns but grossly disagree on the Lakers.  

To my guy readers:  Enjoy Sportsrant!  (And now imagine the SportsCenter sound in your head.)

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