Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Installation One

It is Sunday, December 2, 2012.  I am sitting at my small office bathing in air conditioning.  I am hot!  It is hot!  It is humid and rainy and nothing about this autumn has felt like "autumn."  I daresay winter will be equally as lackluster.  This really bums me out as I adore cold weather.  Well...within reason.  I highly doubt I would love daily snow drifts which might require waking up early to painstakingly remove ice from my windshield!

Having said all that...I am having a tough, tough, tough time getting into the "Christmas" spirit.  (Note: Not the spirit of Christ...rather, the spirit of lights, trees, decoration, etc.)  As an antidote to this piss poor attitude...I am introducing my teeny, tiny readership to MY holiday gift guide-2012!  I, or course, consider myself to have impeccable taste!  Of course I is MY taste! the spirit of my FAVORITE blog on THE PLANET (design*sponge) I am offering you days and days and days of holiday gift ideas!

My promise to you is (as best I can) to celebrate:
1) local
2) small business
3) friends
4) female owned
5) items less than 50 dollars
6) all of the above wrapped up into one item (now THERE is a challenge)

Let's get this party started!
Single Serving (7"x12") 
Price: 25 USD
Multiple Serving (10"x14")
Price: 29 USD
(Chalk and burlap bag for storage included)
Quantity: 1
Price: 12 USD
Price: 23 USD
Price: 28 USD
Price: 34 USD
Quantity: 4
Price: 32 USD
Price: 24 USD
Quantity: 4
Price: 40 USD
Price: 35 USD
Price: 18 USD

And there you have it!  Gifts I would LOVE to give (and receive) and throw into my the event I MIGHT WANT TO entertain someday!  (I have a problem....I like to own unique and beautiful items to entertain with....I just rarely entertain.)

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