Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Installation Two-Behold

Who doesn't love a good spin off?  When executed properly a spin off can be brilliant.  Frasier?  Perfect example.  Joey?  Not so much.

Years ago I discovered a catalog that made my eyes smile with every turn of the page.  It was called Anthropologie.  My eyes lingered over every inch of each page and I lovingly dog eared each page in the hopes that Santa might pay me a sweet visit from the land of Anthropologie.

So when I learned from Whitney Adams at Brunellos Have More Fun, my favorite wine blog, that there was a bit of an Anthropolgie spin off....I let my fingers do the walking and clicked right on over!

Behold....BHLDN.  (Sorry...I couldn't resist.)  Now, there isn't much information other than their "roots are in Anthropologie."  What I CAN gather is they have created an online nuptial experience from inspiration to inception to incredible wedding day!  

Included in their online experience is a "shop." (OH.YEAH!)  There are gifts for the bride, for the groom, for the hosts, for the tables, for the decor, for the food, etc.  

Granted, I have no wedding to attend in the near future, but I couldn't help diving right in!  These gifts are perfect for the holiday season!
Price: 10 USD
Price: 28 USD
Price: 28 USD
Price: 28 USD
Price: 28 USD
Price: 28 USD
Price: 48 USD

Precious stuff, right?  So glad I typed on over to this site!

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