Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Best Hamburger I've Ever Had.....

Here's the bad news: The best hamburger I've ever had is not in San Antonio. Here's the good news: It is just up the road (and the PERFECT way to round out a day trip) in Bandera, TX.

A little over two weeks ago my friend, Cory and I, took IH-10 up to 46, hung a left and enjoyed the view. We hung another right at 16 and enjoyed the view en route to Bandera, TX. We were STARVING but were committed to eating the BEST fare Bandera had to offer. We figured the main street would be our safest bet. We stumbled into the general store and asked the gentleman at the counter. He firmly told us to head back out of town about five miles and look for Five Mile Creek on the right. We figured, "What's five more miles? If we are going to do this; let's do it right!"
At noon, on Sunday, we pulled up to this building. There was not a car in sight. However, the sign at the door indicated they were "open." We pushed open the front door and were greeted by the owner and the cook. They assured us they were open and promised us the coldest beer we've ever had. (And oh, did they deliver on that claim. The ice was melting off the bottle and onto my hand!)
Fried mushrooms seemed a logical choice for our appetizer. They came out of the kitchen steaming hot. We sat there and looked at them adoringly, almost frightened to dig in. I made the first move and they were fried to perfection.
While Cory couldn't make a decision to save his life; I went with the basic classic all American, no fuss, no muss burger with American cheese. I won't cheapen the experience with words; to describe it would do the burger no justice whatsoever. What I will say is the combination of Bob Seeger and Bob Wills, the Eagles and Waylon Jennings, a cold beer and the mushrooms, the peppery burger and the cowboy couple next to us, the fluorescent lights and the pool tables, the football game and the fake slot machines, the weathered owner with her Virginia slims and the amiable cook and his family came together on a beautiful Sunday! It did my heart good and as always the conversation was challenging, thought provoking and much appreciated!
Thank you, friend! We both know I needed a day of fun, food and great Texas backroads. (Just like the old days!)
Suzanne, the owner, shared with us that she felt this saloon was just an extension of her living room. She invited us back and asked us to bring our friends along. Once the weather is more tolerable they have live music (local bands) on Wednesday and Sunday evenings. If you have a "hankering" for some small town Texas flavor in the form of burgers and beers...you can't go wrong at....................
Rory: Not a soul mate?
Lorelai: He's never heard of AbFab!
Rory: DEFINITELY NOT a soul mate!

Good evening, friends! I have the evening to myself and am planning on watching Letters to Juliet! Bring out the Kleenex. I am such a sucker for a chick flick!

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