Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Pig

I always say, "The BEST day of the year is the day the first cold front blows through!" Given that notion it follows that yesterday was the BEST day of the year. Right? Not so much. While the weather was divine perfection, the mood was deeply blue. I had two choices: allow the BEST day of the year to pass me by or drag my "pity party, party of one" outside to enjoy the last few minutes of the BEST day of 2010.

I rarely spend any time on my Juliet balcony. However, having recently watched Letters to Juliet I have committed to spend more time on my front porch; rather than the back courtyard. Sitting solemnly in quiet prayer I opened my eyes last night and noticed this wonder of nature.
I am not sure what happened on this last photo...but I like it! Looks like the outline of the flash? It was the only photo I took on the "manual setting." The web is MUCH larger than the photos depict. Ever the animal lover...I have left the web untouched. Anyhow...it is perfect timing. Nature provided me with Halloween decorations at no cost! Just how I like it...FREE!
I need to relax, have a cup of coffee and maybe hammer a nail into my head. -Lorelai

Rory: You know there will be food there?
Lorelai: Finger Food! AKA: Snooty Little Balls of Attitude!

Yep, it's tough when the universe is against you. It's like taking on the Manhattan Garbage Union. -Luke

When my daughter comes home broken, I get to hate the guy that broke her. -Lorelai

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