Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday, Rainy Friday

Since I am no longer one of the 500 million Facebook users; I have accumulated a number of photos I want to share. They aren't necessarily relevant to any of my blog entries; nor do they command a dedicated blog post...but I do want to share them. Given that today is Friday, I am kind of lazy, it is raining and I smashed my finger (something wicked) I figured it might be a good opportunity (ouch...there are a lot of /o/ in that last sentence and that is the smash-finger key on the keyboard) to post photos rather than words....
"All the angels on the wire,
Getting dizzy from the heights,
Go carefully, carefully,
Oh, Airstream Driver." -Gomez
This pedestrian bridge is new. It links a new section of campus housing to the corresponding parking lot. I would have loved to see some water flowing underneath the bridge; or a little pirate troll; but instead it goes over a dry creek.
Here are a few more photos from our day of fun in Bandera, TX. I liked the rustic house and door frame. I thought it was an old front door. Turns out it was a side door to a stone cottage. Around the corner was an amazing front porch and it looks the cottage is being refurbished.
I couldn't pass up an opportunity to take a photo of this squashed up Coors can. The graphic element of a Coors can reminds me a lot of my childhood. Frightening, I know, but there must be a reason this image figures so prominently in my childhood memories. I know my great-grandfather was a beer distributor and my grandfather was in his employ; but I can't remember if Coors was one of their products. Maybe this was just my dad's beer of preference when I was a little girl?
I have a thing for tricycles. Again, I think they remind me of being a little girl and feeling free; breeze on my face, wind through my pigtails.
Does this bicycle have any hope of being operational ever again? It reminded me of the Tin Man, constantly needing to be oiled. Maybe it just needs a heart?
Indeed Bandera, Tx is the Cowboy Capital. We saw people riding their horses down the main street. Every establishment had hitchin' posts and water troughs for the horses.
Check out the super, fantabulous, Stella & Dot necklace I had the pleasure of modeling at Christine and Julie's Stella & Dot party. I look like a chipmunk, or what? I am storing some sort of nuts (don't be dirty...that's what she said) in one side of my mouth...but not the other? Classic!
Sara and Danica at Stella & Dot Party.

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