Sunday, June 3, 2012

Best Friends Forever

God knows I need to laugh!  And The Universe sent BACK Best Friends Forever last night...not once...but TWICE!  Yes friends, now that I have empty weekends and way too much time to think, it was like He heard me, He heard my question..."Where in the heck did Best Friends Forever go?  That was a great show catering to my EXACT demographic.  What?  Thirty-something BFF's don't bring in ratings unless they are dripping in diamonds, laden in hair extensions and hurling mean accusations at each other?"  

(Full disclosure:  That last statement is haughty and filled with hubris.  Yes, I too have fallen victim to The Real Housewives Guilty Pleasure Syndrome.  In my defense, it is only Orange County and New Jersey....)

BOOM!  Friday night, two weeks, to the day, post-apocalyptic breakdown (okay...that might be a squeak of an over-embellishment) I was granted permission to laugh!


This fast paced exchange was delivered with such elegant female humor...they really believed this to be true...of course they did!  That was the best part.  I had not laughed this hard in weeks!  I LOVE this show.  Of course....the second episode was the season finale.  Booooo!  I sure hope this one gets considered to be picked up again.

Lennon: It was so good to see Ken.  I felt like I was in my 20's again.
Jessica: Europe in the late 90's...that was just a magical time.
Lennon: And what it was for me, really, was that I first felt like a real woman.
Jessica: Well, we were.
Lennon: I mean men were noticing.
Jessica: Lennon, WE WERE WOMEN!


Sadly, I closed the back cover last night.  I read the last forty setting at a time.  I did not want this magical journey to end.  I didn't want to say good bye to the strong characters who kept a delicate circus alive.

It is a rare sentiment, indeed, for a book to grab me in such a manner.  This book will live in my heart forever.

And a debut novel!  Well done, Miss Morgenstern.  I can not wait for your next endeavor of enchanting magic and mystery to touch paper....

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