Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Nip and a Tuck...And a New Special Feature

Look who got a face lift?  Yep!  Fete, did!  Now you FINALLY know who those legs and margarita belong to!

So...let's get the housekeeping out of the way first!  The photograph is compliments of my cousin, Marisa Quinn, who infused my life last year (at a time when I really needed it) and saw something in me that I didn't...and it came through in this photo.  This photo has a lot of meaning for signifies rebirth and transformation.  Thank you, sister.  You ALWAYS see in me...what I sometimes don't.  

This blog was originally born out of a very broken heart...which, as it turns out, may have been more of a bruised ego.  Oh yeah, y'all know what I am talking about!  I had developed an Internet friendship via with Amber Schmidt of Announcing You.  I was so impressed with her professionalism, ultra speedy turn around time and her kindness I KNEW she was the person to gently bring my blog design idea to fruition.  Once again, Amber has helped me transform Fete...just a little bit...because this moment is all about transformation!

Thank you, ladies!  You both inspire me and I have to admit, when I see an email in my "inbox" from either of heart smiles just a little bit because I know it is going to contain nothing but pure goodness.  
Take a look at Fete's newest feature.  (Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know I am behind the times; but better late than never, correct?)  If you click on this image up on the right hand corner (not here) you will be taken directly to Fete's NEW FACEBOOK PAGE!  According to ME...not only can you "Like" me on can actually "Aqua Heart" me on Facebook!  Who else can say that?

I would ABSOLUTELY WELCOME all the "aqua hearts" I can get from my little readership!  My motives for this are simple:  I want to provide another e-space for goodness and celebrations people can visit when they need respite from this (often) harsh world.  (And then there is the added benefit of my growth as a human being and frustrated writer...but that's my gig...not y'alls.)  That's it.  Nothing more, nothing less.

This isn't a forum...not yet, at least.  That would take way more brain-iacal-ness that I simply don't possess...not yet, at least.

This is just a space where I write and share and you read and enjoy.  A self-proclaimed tender heart...the rule is to be sweet and mindful with your responses; both to me and to other friends of Fete


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