Friday, June 22, 2012

Day Trippin'

Ciara, Ella, Jace', Mary Gertrude and I "day-tripped" to Blanco State Park today!  It is a perfect "middle point" between San Antonio and Dripping Springs.  It costs four dollars per person and you can enjoy the park until 10pm.  Pets are allowed...obviously...but are required to stay on a leash and NOT enter the edict that "Bella's" parents clearly violated which had me fuming.  If MY child has to abide by the rules...SO DO YOURS!  But...I digress.

We find a comfy spot right along the banks of the river under three old pines.  The entrance point into the river was just steps from our spot and so we took turns getting in and out of the water.  

Note: Take water shoes if you plan to get in the river.  The shallow part is rocky and the rocky surfaces are VERY slippery.

This day-trip definitely delivered and I think I spent less than 15 dollars!  And that makes me smile even bigger.  

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