Sunday, June 10, 2012

SA Blogging Scene

Last night between catching up on thank you notes, addressing Father's day cards and messing with my new (not really...just "new" as in "fresh out of the box") Crosley turntable I managed to squeeze in a little blog surfing.  One of my favorite blogs, Not Going Postal, which I know to be local, shared about the SA blog community's trip to play with sting rays at Sea World earlier in the day.

"What," I grumbled.  "I want in on the SA blog community sting ray day of fun!"  I immediately wrote a message to the author of Not Going Postal and she responded very quickly!  Yay!  She included me in their Facebook group and I introduced myself, and Fete, to them last night.  The group has been most welcoming and it looks like everyone works together for the greater good of the San Antonio community!

For my mommy friends...check out this San Antonio Mom Blogs!  Not only is there a host of suggestions on a variety of mom-topics, there is a comprehensive list of other local bloggers whose focus is often on parenting and specific to our local community!

I am extremely excited to participate in this community and meet other like minded individuals...who like "living out loud," sharing what they know and casting their musings across the seemingly infinite space of the world wide web.  
Lorelai: ...just make sure you wait for the  right moment.
Rory: Oh the right moment is now.  The right moment arrived in a big pink hat full of feathers, screaming, "Notice me, because I am here!"
Lorelai: Well, if it was wearing a hat....
I've been spending some time down town lately and I have parked in the P-A-R-K Lot (as my friend, Jace' lovingly refers to ALL lots with the work "park" in them) across the street from the bus stop and catty corner (?)/kitty corner (?) from Bill Miller BBQ.  In the elevator lobby areas on each level...this is the art work adorning the floor.  I love it!  The moment I saw it...I heard Steven Tyler SCREAM in my ear..."Well just give me a kiss...LIKE THIS!"  

I love these little cultural gems!  Despite living in this town since 1997...I have never had the pleasure of coming across this quirky adornment to a rather benign structure.  Makes me happy to park and not at ALL upset that I had to write an 8 dollar check to the city for two hours worth of parking!

Happy Sunday, friends!  Off to vacay tomorrow.  Depending on the level of energy...I may or may NOT post for the week!

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