Thursday, June 21, 2012

On Demand

I had every intention of grabbing Jace' and forcing her to The Bijou to watch this movie with me.  Truth be told...Jace' and I have VERY different taste in movies.  But, she's a great friend and was willing to "take one for this team" and watch a movie where Jane Fonda plays a war-hating hippie.  Hmmmm....truth in art?

Anyhow...imagine my delight to learn Peace, Love and Misunderstanding is On-Demand.  I was able to watch it "in the comfort of my own home."  Many benefits:  Jace' does not have to watch a chick flick, it is WAAAAAY less expensive and I can cry with no shame...OUT LOUD!

The story line isn't anything revolutionary.  Hippie mother raises up-tight, Republican, attorney daughter and they are estranged for 20 years because the daughter disapproves of her mother's various "behaviors."  (Mother sells weed at daughter's wedding; daughter has mother know how it goes.)  Anyhow...up-tight daughter now faces divorce from up-tight husband and doesn't know where to go for healing.  She heads up to Woodstock, NY(teenage children in tow)...yes, THE Woodstock...where her mother Grace, played by Fonda is something of a legend.  "Dylan" apparently loved her...although we are unsure if it is the "Bob" or the "Thomas!"

I enjoyed the film...mostly because I am a current love affair with the notion of transformation and EVERYONE in this movie is facing a conflict.  I don't think the reviews were stellar, by any means, but it is a feel good movie with a soundtrack that cut me to the bone.  

To wavy hair, barking at the full moon, feeding your chickens, growing your own (a-hem) veggies, skinny dipping and Grateful Dead....

Take a load off Fanny*
Take a load for free
Take a load of Fanny*
And you put the load right on me.
-The Band
Lyrics by: Robbie Roberston

*After many searches there is definite debate of if they are singing, "Anny," "Annie," or "Fanny."  Would LOVE the real answer to this.....

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