Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Apologies and Retractions

My sincerest apologies.....I have not posted a blog in days. Oddly....I have completely felt the void. In fact today I had a "pity of one" as I like to call it. I stopped, thought about why I was having my very own little pitiful festival and decided it was because I hadn't blogged in so long. I have spent the last few days in a haze and don't think I have been giving enough thought to the small daily celebrations that are the sole purpose of this blog.

Any good journalist should recognize when she has committed an error. (Oh yes....I just referred to myself as a "journalist." Tee-hee!) It came to my attention that I misrepresented Christine's opinion of my nude sketch. I promised her I would print a retraction. She did not immediately dislike the sketch. Only "Spacey" and "Anais" turned their heads in disgust and refused to look at the sketch for the rest of the weekend. I stand corrected.

Easter was lovely. I had the privilege of spending it with my family and "Spacey!" We ate at my new favorite restaurant Brasserie Pavil. It reminds me of the huge cafes in Paris. Every time I eat there I feel as if I have been transported to one of my favorite places on earth. The food is excellent, but the atmosphere brings me back. It's as if they lifted a restaurant directly out of Paris and dropped it on Huebner and 1604. I highly recommend the Chicken Paillard (especially for my Weight Watchers friends)! Below is a photo of Mom, Dad and I at the brasserie.

I continue to volunteer most evenings for the Julian Castro for Mayor campaign. And I continue to have a blast. That is also in large part why I haven't been more consistent about posting. By the time I get home I am usually ready for bed! This evening I met some lovely people that work very hard for the city's Animal Care Services. I immediately grabbed their information and passed it along to Najla. Yet another good thing that has resulted from my volunteering!

Today's daily celebration is baby Nicholas Joaquin. He is two weeks and three days old today. He belongs to my very dear friends Nick and Val. Val and I spent our ENTIRE 20's together. Not only did we work together, we shared an office, spent every spare moment either together or talking on the phone and were VERY often confused for one another. I am so pleased she sent me this photo of her little man to post on my blog. It is clear that she is 100% in love with her precious angel. Congratulations to you both! Nicholas and I have a lunch date set for next week. I can not wait to spend time with him......

I would also like to celebrate a very sweet conversation I had with my grandmother on Monday. She sounded so happy and in great spirits. That was a huge relief for me because it was my understanding she had a few tough days last week. She ended our conversation by saying, "I love you, mijita and I pray for you every day." What better way to start off the work week?

Today I am lovin' Patty Griffin! I listened to this album ALL DAY LONG in my office in anticipation of her visit to Floores Country Store on April 28! I can NOT wait to see her in person. Her music has always spoken to me. But I feel like the older I get the more I am able to understand her message. My favorite song on this album, and perhaps one of my favorite songs of all time, is Heavenly Day. Every time I hear it I think to myself, "I sure hope this song is playing IF I make it to the pearly gates!" Oh and I definitely want this played at my "celebration of life" ceremony (i.e. funeral) those of you who please take note! I have adjusted the playlist so it should be the first song you hear as you read this post.

Rory and Lorelai are on the phone discussing how Rory will catch up on her duties at the Yale Daily News.
Lorelai: You are great at the "catch up" thing. You are the "catch up" girl....not to be confused with the "ketchup" girl because that's not you at all. You were strictly a mustard and relish girl from day one. That was a little condiment humor for you.
Goodnight friends......

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