Friday, April 24, 2009


Hi friends....I am in Denver visiting my friend Sangeeta. She has this FANTASTIC brand new MacBook! (Hint, hint Mom and Dad....Birthday is in August...Remember?) Anyhow....I am not at all sure how to play with this thing...other than to just press the keys and make the words appear. I brought my camera and I brought my flash drive with all my graphics. However, I could sense the trepidation in her voice when I asked her if I could plug in my flash drive and blog away. (What does she think my flash drive is? Some little vixen that goes from computer to computer collecting viruses?) So...until she gets home and she and I can figure this out together there are no photos, no graphics, nothing. That makes me sad...I had such high hopes of blogging from a "remote location!"

I will say this for Denver.....the airport is great! VERY clean, well laid out, easy to navigate and it had a little mini-transit system...again waxing nostalgic for my London Underground days.

Dear Future Mayor, Julian Castro.....Can we have a subway system? Please, please, please!?!?!? And can it go straight from my house to my work place, gym, pilates studio, etc? Thank you!

Okay....I officially need to get out of these pajamas and into some "not lazy" people clothes. Sangeeta is still at work so I am going to head over to her neighborhood center and play. We have pedicures (yes...again!) planned at 3pm and wonderful dinner plans for the evening. I hope to blog with photos tomorrow.

For all my Texas is 65 degrees here! Not a cloud in the sky. Jealous?

Have a great day friends.....

Oh, and yes, I will be going to Invesco Field and the Coors Brewery. And please send the limo for me at 10pm on Sunday evening....San Antonio International Airport, please. Thanks......

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