Monday, April 6, 2009

Round Top Part II (And Laughter is the BEST Medicine)

Happy Monday! My brain feels like it is Thursday...but I digress. This is going to be a quick entry. (Yeah, right....I always say that and it NEVER happens!)

This part of the Round Top story isn't necessarily in chronological order. I simply haven't photographed any of my purchases yet so that topic will have to be addressed on a different day! (That's the best part anyhow.)

We stayed in a teeny, tiny little town called Oldenburg. It is on 237 between LaGrange and Round Top. This is the bed and breakfast where we spent Saturday evening. It is called The Oldenburg Retreat Bed & Breakfast. It is owned by a lovely lady named Carol Carmean. If you are ever in the area please send her an email at and enjoy her graciousness and warmth. It is a perfect place for family and friends to meet and enjoy "getting away from it all." I suggest the front porch! This is the house where she grew up. She currently resides next door. This house sleeps 7 comfortably. And the very best part is she had fresh baked cookies, coffee cake and muffins waiting for us! The subsequent pictures are of her beautiful garden! (And yes....there is a television with a million channels!)

Today's daily celebration is laughter. It is simple, it is universal and it comes naturally to all of us. It is easy and it is fun. Trick is to be open to it. Since I started this blog I have noticed a significant increase in my outbursts. "Crystal" and I just attended an event for the Julian Castro campaign. We had such a good time laughing with the other volunteers. Then we drove home (in separate cars) and talked to each other on our cell phones the entire (20 minute trip) time. We laughed the whole way home. My sides hurt and my tummy is already sore. It truly is the very best medicine! I look forward to the event we are attending tomorrow.

"Crystal," Rowland and I.

George and I.

"Crystal" and I.

Speaking of the campaign....a couple of days ago I had the unique opportunity to take a small walk and share an elevator with two of San Antonio's finest public servants! I ran into Julian and Joaquin Castro outside a building we were all entering. I was dreading their walk towards me because I knew I should be able to tell them apart by this point....but I just can't! (For those of you that don't know, they are twins.) Thankfully, one was dressed up and one was dressed casually. Aha! I immediately knew Julian was dressed up for the event thus Joaquin HAD to be the one in casual wear. (Loved the boots, by the way!) I don't think I have ever seen either dressed down. It was nice to see a more laid back version of such a high profile member of our community and to chat with them about everyday, regular, non-political topics (i.e. my blog!) Joaquin...I hope you are reading in all your spare time!

Time for "What I am Lovin' Right Now!" I am lovin' my new pair of Lucky Brand jeans! Lucky are BY FAR the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. (And I have tried them all!) And the best thing is they do all the "wearing in" for you! Holes, frays, color name it...they do it! Here they are...............

Gilmore-ism of the day.....

Lorelai comes downstairs to get her morning paper, opens her front door, sees a cat, carefully grabs the paper and timidly closes the door. She throws the paper in the foyer and immediately calls Rory (her daughter).

Rory: Hello?
Lorelai: They know.
Rory: Who knows?
Lorelai: The cats. They know that I have broken up with Jason and that I am alone and they have decided it is time for me to become a crazy cat lady.
Rory: What are you talking about?
Lorelai: There is a cat on my doorstep.
Rory: Well that is better than a bun in the oven.

Goodnight friends......

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