Thursday, April 9, 2009

Round Top Revisited & I Love a Four Day Week!

Today was another, beautiful spring day! Actually it got quite warm today and I was dressed most inappropriately. By the end of the day I had the familiar desire to throw on my bathing suit and head to my neighborhood pool. However I realize it isn't quite time yet. The water would be freezing. But I was excited in knowing that time of the year is right around the corner!

I realize I haven't addressed all of my Round Top purchases. Truth is I haven't had an opportunity to photograph them all. But I will include some of the purchases in the "What I am Lovin' Right Now" section.

This is a fun picture! Right outside the Junk Gypsies tent they set up this little photo booth for people to take pictures. Presumably they set it up for the Junk Prom they hold immediately prior to the final weekend of the antiques fair. I thought it was a great opportunity to take a unique photo.

These are two photos of vendor booths. I was so heady and dazed by the miles and miles of potential purchases I didn't have the presence of mind to take too many photos of the actual fair.

Today was filled with small celebrations. To begin with....Happy Birthday Alma! You are a beautiful woman whom I have seen grow into a hopeful, energetic, confident butterfly recently! I have enjoyed getting to know you and I hope this celebration of the day you came into this world was a good one. I had early morning coffee with a lovely lady named Lisa today. I had met her several times before but had not had an opportunity to have a conversation with her. I loved her positive, gentle spirit. She seems filled with joy and optimism. I look forward to spending more time with her because I really enjoyed her kindness and sweet nature. I also had the opportunity to meet a precious puppy at the back entrance of my school. We always have dogs at the school but this one was special! He was the cutest mix of chihuahua and something else...who knows. We fed him "Crystal's" extra taco and he ate the entire thing. He played with me and gave me kisses on my cheek. (Let's hope no ring worm sets in!) And finally.....laundry is done! That is a MAJOR daily celebration today. I have been putting it off for some time. I will never reveal quite how long....but let's just say I had been dry cleaning EVERYTHING in order to avoid this task. My windows are open right now and I can smell the laundry wafting up into my room. There is nothing like the smell of fresh, warm laundry. The unfortunate part is this is merely the first load in a collection of many. I am attacking the rest tomorrow.

I have managed to photograph a few of my Round Top purchases. This first photo is of a small piece of art. It is framed in my favorite "Shabby Chic" style. I can tell the flowers are printed on linen paper. I can't tell if they are printed or painted. If they are painted I can't tell if it is watercolor? Doesn't eye went straight to it. I had to have it and I have hung it underneath several other small pieces in my upstairs bathroom. I purchased it from Sweet Peas. They are located in Athens, TX. I loved their tent at Round Top. It is amazing how they took a tent in a field and made it look like a comfortable, lived-in, perfectly understated home.

This was one of my first purchases on Saturday. I found it at Marburger Farms and I don't recall the name of the vendor. It was a family...mother, daughter, sister, aunt who come together from all over Texas twice a year for the antiques market. I have been looking for an old candy jar to hold my shells. You can't tell from the picture but the lid has a perfect patina which makes this even better. I know they sell these at various home decor stores but I wanted something that felt like it had lived out it's early years in an old mercantile and once stored salt water taffy or hard, colorful candies. I filled it with some shells I recently collected on the shores of Galveston. It was an interesting shell hunt because so many personal belongings were still strewn all over the beach. Among the shells I found chairs, televisions, high heel shoes, a beautiful ladies handkerchief (that I did bring home and clean up), a bar-b-que pit and various other wildly misplaced household items. The shell hunt is a good memory that I will forever cherish in my heart. Displaying them in this manner allows me to remember how much fun I had that day and how EVERY memory has a special place in our lives.

I also purchased this teeny, tiny little edition of Twelfth Night. I am hoping to use the pages for various cardmaking projects.

This is on my life "wish list!" I have been in love with the graphic quality of the Mobil Pegasus since I was a little girl! My family had a gas station in a very, very, very small south Texas town right off Highway 281 (in fact, it is still there). EVERY time we drove from McAllen to San Antonio we would stop and visit my Tio Joe, Tia Pat and Tina. Their station was a Mobil station and I loved looking at the Pegasus. There was no price tag on this item. I can only IMAGINE how much it might have cost.

(A very frustrated Rory) addressing Lorelai: What's your damage, Heather?
What a great line from a classic movie. I really need to single-handedly bring this phrase back from relative obscurity. I plan to use it at least four times tomorrow! Let's see if I can get it done! Will report back with the results tomorrow.
Goodnight friends.....

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