Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today seemed like an appropriate day to start blogging.....

I am Patty and this is my blog. In large part it was inspired by a deep desire to do something new. (To a lesser degree I simply refuse to join the Facebook craze. I am far too verbose and much too sensitive to "ignore" a request to be my friend...or worse...have one of my requests "ignored!") But the theme surrounding this blog was born out of a tearful conversation I had with my mother about four weeks ago. Having experienced a rather difficult personal trial I was frenetically trying to put band-aids all over my life. Should I move, should I sell my house, should I get a new job, should I throw out my entire wardrobe, should I buy a new dishwasher, should I ever sleep again, should I ever talk again! I was in a place where I sat looking at everyone else's life and thought they all had it infinitely better than I did. Mom listened with tears in her eyes, she looked at me and asked, "Where do you see yourself in a year?" I had no answer for her. I tried to make sounds come out....but I had nothing. All I said to her was, "You know what the problem is, Mom? I need to start wanting the life I have and stop wanting the life I don't." It was at that point in the conversation we were both able to smile. Recognizing the value of the unbelievably blessed and beautiful life that is uniquely mine requires shifting my focus. I have kept a gratitude journal before. Not only is it private, it is easy to fall out of the routine of journaling. I think this forum will hold me to task and it will also allow me to share my daily joys with the people I know and love. And most often....they ARE my daily reason to celebrate! (You know who you are!)

My format is simple. I want to focus on daily celebrations. Hence the title, "Fete." What a beautiful french word that literally translates to "a celebration!" I intend, no am forcing myself, to focus on the tiny events life hands us daily that we often take for granted, but are worth celebrating. But more importantly, they are worth sharing.

I also want to share a little about myself. I am hoping with each entry the reader will get to know something about me, my interests, my likes, my work, my family, my friends.....You get the idea! I want the reader to come away with an idea of who I am. And for those of you who already know me....well, maybe you will learn something new?

I will also be ending each entry with "What I am Lovin' Right Now!" It could be a book, a movie, a new song, a plant I have never potted before, a good friend, a new website, an old pair of jeans, a different twist on an old recipe, a real piece of mail in my mailbox or a cherished memory.

And yes...for those who know me well...there will probably ALWAYS be a favorite quote or scene from Gilmore Girls....DEAL WITH IT!

Given this is my first entry I will tell you what I am first and foremost! I am a daughter. That is my very first role in life. A higher power (I choose fill it in with whatever works for you) saw it fit to allow the two finest people to guide me through this life. I was delivered to a couple who love and respect each other deeply (even after 37 years of marriage) and showered me with an equal amount of dedication. Together they built our family value system and taught me that your word means everything, hard work is nothing to fear, no one in this world is any more important than anyone else, a family NEVER fails each other in times of need and that under no circumstance would I ever be without their unending support. I owe my mother and father everything. Everything I am, have become, have achieved is a direct result of their love, patience, guidance and support. I hope I can make them as proud of me as I am of them. I am so proud to call them my parents!

Two days ago I had the privilege of meeting a brand new baby named Nicholas. He was born to a very dear friend of mine and her husband. He was hours old when I got to hold him for the first time. I was in the room alone with Nicholas, his mom and his dad. I could feel the miracle in the room. His mom and dad were not only in love with each other....they were in love with him. I wondered if this was how my parents felt when they welcomed me into the world! Congratulations to Nicholas' mommy and daddy! (I forgot to ask them if I could include their names on my blog! I HOPE they allow me to post a picture of their special gift very soon!)

So....."What I am Lovin' Today" is my mom and my dad! And if I can figure this out...I will try to post a photo of them. But I am not sure I have one of the two of them...for shame! But I am pretty sure I can pull one out of the photo crypt of the three of us ( is old...well...older). Oh, the photo posted at the top! Okay, that works. I'll get this all figured out soon!

My blog isn't quite complete yet and still requires a little work. But I felt it was a great day to start. A link to my shop will be coming soon. Good motivation to get movin' on that! I had great hopes for the "about me" section...but it is just really the generic profile blogger offers. Also...I have included music...if you don't enjoy it I don't want to hear about it! Just turn the volume down!

I will spare anyone a Gilmore Girls quote today. But fear entry there WILL be one!


  1. wow! what a great blog! i love the layout! but i think you should throw in some office quotes as well as gilmore girls :-)

  2. Nicely done! As always, you impress me with your strong command of the English language and the eloquence with which you write. The family pic is beautiful and don't forget... "Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!"

  3. Patty, welcome to the world of blogging! I have added you to my link list....! Blessings!

  4. As always you amaze me!! There are no words that I can find right now to tell you . You are FREAKIN AMAZING PATRICIA VERONICA VELA!

  5. Hey Patty, what a beautiful blog! Thanks for sending me the link. Take care, <3 M.R.