Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Quick and The Dirty

Greetings! I am very, very, very sleepy! It is way beyond my bedtime. But....I persevere for the sake of responsible blogging and my dedication to daily celebrations. I have to report....I viewed today through an entirely different lens. Every interaction I had, every thing I looked at, every task I was involved in forced me to ask myself, "Is this worth mentioning as a daily celebration?" It was really refreshing and I felt myself smile a little bit more today....and laugh at things I normally would not have.

I want to celebrate the fantastic response I have gotten to the blog. People have said some very kind things about the blog; but perhaps the sweetest response came from my dad! (We'll keep that between the two of us....!)

My role today (outside of my regular job which is another story for another entry or even another blog or maybe a reality TV program) was mostly as volunteer. My friends (we'll call them) "Spacey," "Crystal," and "Anais" (they all want pseudonyms for the blog...even though their faces are posted everywhere) and I went to The Children's Bereavement Center. We took dinner to the families that are receiving care and services there. We met a lovely little girl named Sam who showed us exactly what we needed to do and how we needed to do it! And she loved herself some pink cupcakes and lemonade!

We served pizza, salad and about a million desserts. "Spacey" was responsible for the sweets and she purchased EVERY type of cupcake and cookie she could get her hands on....mostly because she intended to sample each and every one of them. I had to leave before dessert but I have no doubt she accomplished her task with grace and aplomb!

Immediately following dinner I rushed over to the KLRN (Local PBS Affiliate) Studios to attend the mayoral forum. I have had the privilege of becoming involved in the Julian Castro campaign for mayor of San Antonio. What an honor to be a live member of the audience. It was a new experience for me and I am so thankful the campaign allowed me to attend. I had the pleasure of sitting with his wife whom I had not met prior to this evening. She was very gracious and I look forward to seeing her at future events. Julian, as always, addressed all the questions with quiet confidence, seamless eloquence and humble fortitude. I continue to be amazed by him and will continue to assist his campaign in any way possible. He makes me want to continue to live here! And as I mentioned in my last entry that was a decision I was really grappling with!

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo "What I am Lovin' Today" is Amber! Amber is the amazing and talented (patient, generous, kind, helpful, did I mention patient) lady who has helped me design this blog. Well....she actually did it ALL. I just type! I met Amber on She lives states away, but she has worked on several projects for me. If you need an invitation created, a blog designed, or anything else....this is the lady to do it! sincerest gratitude! The blog is lovely and I am so excited to learn something new about it every day. Please visit Amber's shop!
I promised a Gilmore Girl's quote today! Very appropriate considering a Sam Phillips song just came on. It's the song played on the very first episode that ever aired. (Changing my life forever!) So my quote will come from the very first scene....

Lorelai to Luke: That guy has quite a pair, doesn't he?

Goodnight, friends! Tomorrow is a very long day! And I have to be up extra early which is NOT something I am any good at.....

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! You have been so great to work with! I will know to stop by and read your blog when I need to hear something positive! :) Have a great {warm} weekend!