Monday, April 20, 2009

To Whom Much Is Given

Happy Monday! Today was, quite possibly, the MOST glorious day in recent history. The weather was unbelievable! It was so good....all of me wanted to play hooky, lay in the grass and sun bathe. But, I didn't. Way too much work to be done. However, I did take the EXTRA long route after lunch so I could enjoy the wind in my hair just a little bit longer.
Today's celebration actually took place yesterday. Several individuals and I hosted a fundraiser in honor of Julian Castro and his race for mayor. I want to share the invitation that we sent out. It was created by my new e-BFF Amber with Announcing You. I think she did a lovely job and I was so pleased with her innovative approach to creating this invitation. I would also be remiss if I didn't mention Ricardo Ruiz with Cha-Cha's Mexican Restaurant. He generously and graciously provided us a wonderful space and excellent food for our function! Additionally, his entire wait staff was incredibly serviceable and most helpful.
Christine and I arrived early to decorate the back room. We decided to go with a Fiesta theme since it is, in fact, Fiesta week and we were celebrating at a Mexican food restaurant. Additionally, we had a decoration budget of approximately 0 dollars so we pooled resources we already owned and humbly decorated as best we could. (Those of you who know me KNOW how I am about things like these. And I also know you are all laughing out loud right about now! Go ahead...I am laughing with you!)
Decorating Budget for Julian Castro Fundraising Event-$0 dollars
Knowing Patty Freaks Out About That-Priceless
Imagining Patty Freaking Out About It In Your Head-Also Priceless
Christine and Patty Raiding Their Houses for Decorations-Once Again, Priceless
There are some things money can't buy....for everything else there is the pricelessness of Patty's panic attacks regarding decorating for a party!

So it turns out that my mom and Julian's mom went to Our Lady of the Lake University together. They chatted and realized they graduated the same year and had many mutual friends in common. Here is a photo of my dad, my mom and Julian's mom, Rosie Castro.
Christine and I were both hostesses, along with Irene, who initiated the fundraiser and without whom none of this would have been possible!
I was originally going to introduce Julian. No small task for such an important public figure. Thank goodness his twin brother, Joaquin, arrived. I pushed the scary task onto him! Thanks, Joaquin. Anyhow....who better than your twin to introduce you and poke fun at you with total impunity! (BTW......loved the casual look again, Joaquin! It really does make telling you guys apart much, much, much easier!)
Julian shared his vision for the city and was kind enough to answer five pre-determined questions. Most of us in the room were educators so the questions revolved around education and his hopes for the future of our youth. His message has CONSISTENTLY been that he would like for the children of this city to be educated here, have the option to stay here for the purposes of higher education and be hopeful about making their way, their livelihood and their homes in a city that is filled with promising job opportunities.....opportunities that are competitive with those in Houston, Dallas and Austin.
It is said that to whom much is given, much is expected. Julian and Joaquin are shining examples of this. They are both such gifted, intelligent, motivated individuals. They have made opportunities for themselves that most of us can only dream of. They have shown that with hard work, dedication, and the loving support of your family your dreams can come to fruition. This city is well served by this entire family and they continue to exceed my expectations! What continues to strike me is that they had the opportunity to go anywhere to make a difference, and they chose to come back to their community and to serve their community. This speaks volumes about their character and their upbringing. Thank you for being an inspiration! And Julian, best of luck! (Even though I am convinced you won't need it!)
Some of the guests included Sofie and "Anais".........
"Spacey" (who said I could "out" her, too.....her name is really Jace') and I.........
Christine and her mom, Josie......
These two fine looking people......Thanks for coming Mom and Dad. I am glad you were able to share in the celebration....even though you can't vote because you don't technically live in the city! I know you would if you could!
Jace' and Christine's mom, Josie......
Overall I think the fundraiser was a success! I had a good time and only stressed out a teeny tiny little bit about the decorations. Again...for those of you who know me....I think you can agree I have come a long way if the stress level was that low!
Immediately following the fundraiser Jace' and I decided to go for pedicures. Much needed because I had been standing in heels for most of the afternoon. She and I were searching for off beat colors and we found one that matches the blog. So what I am lovin' right now is my nail polish color. By the way, Jace' is sportin' it too......
And finally, in honor of the "anonymous" person who left me this quote....(although I am pretty sure I know who you are because you repeat this quote to me daily)....
Dwight: Every time I am about to do something, I ask myself, "Would an idiot do it?" And if the answer is "yes," I DO NOT do that thing!
Goodnight friends.....
Will report from Night In Old San Antonio (NIOSA) tomorrow......
Viva Fiesta!

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