Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Best Lunch Date Ever

Last night I attended the first night of Night In Old San Antonio, otherwise knows as NIOSA. NIOSA is a celebration of this city’s diverse cultural heritage with 15 different ethnic areas dedicated to food, drinks, music, etc. specific to each culture. The celebration is held at La Villita National Historic District. It is an 18th century Spanish neighborhood located on the banks of the San Antonio River. NIOSA serves to benefit the programs of the Conservation Society of San Antonio. The Conservation Society is dedicated to preserving the historic character of San Antonio. Below are some photos of the crowd.

I arrived by Park and Ride. (I love it because riding the bus reminds me of my old days in London. I love public transportation!) I met Christine and crew and spent a few minutes with them before I met with the campaign volunteers. We walked through NIOSA with Julian and Joaquin Castro and handed out Fiesta pins for Julian. It was an interesting experience. They certainly are well respected in this community and quite popular with the NIOSA crowd. Needless to say I was pretty exhausted, my hair was filled with confetti (from the cascarones) and my new pedicure is pretty torn up! I should not have worn those flip flops. Next time I will know better.

Christine, Sofie and I......
Sofie and "Anais" (whose real name is Danica.......)
Milagro and I................. (And that IS his real name. I love it!)

Today’s daily celebration is Ruth! Given today is Administrative Professional’s Day I want to celebrate this wonderful woman who has been a part of my life for the last 10 years. Ruth is the secretary of the department I work with. She has literally seen me grow up….from a 23 year old neophyte to the woman I am today. Along the way she has served as a friend, a mother, a sister, a mentor, an inspiration and a source of guidance in my life. Not to mention she keeps my calendar in check, reminds me when my work is due and assists me with various tasks and requests with a smile on her face! I am so honored to work alongside Ruth. And if she ever decides to leave the school district I think she might have a very lucrative career in private investigations. This woman can track down wayward students and hard to find parents 100% of the time. Ruth, I celebrate you today….and everyday I come into work and you greet me with kindness and your famously strong coffee!
What I am lovin’ today is my lunch date. Now, I promised myself I would NOT, under any circumstance, allow my love life to enter into this blog. However, my lunch date was the cutest, sweetest, most precious guy I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. He was so gentle, quiet and filled with child like innocence. Here is a picture of my lunch date. His name is Nicholas Joaquin! Isn’t he precious? He is, by far, the best lunch date I have ever had….despite the fact he slept through most of it. (Although some dates have left me wishing the guy across from me would fall asleep!)And here is his mommy....Vegas Val (otherwise known as Valerie).....

Logan: You're special.

Rory: Special? Like stop eating the paste, "special?"

Goodnight friends. Need to pack for Denver and have to be up very, very, very early! Not enough hours between now and then......

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