Sunday, April 5, 2009

Round Top Part I

Happy Sunday, friends. Today is truly a heavenly day! I have had a day FULL of tiny, little celebrations. Actually, it was a weekend filled with special moments but I'll address that momentarily. I had such wonderful day today. Nothing in particular stands out. It was just a series of giddy, gleeful moments that filled me with excitement, inspiration and hope. I can honestly say today I am thrilled to be alive! What greater celebratory feeling can there be? And a sweet bonus....I got to see my mom and dad today!

Yesterday, "Spacey," "Anais," "Crystal" and I travelled to Round Top. I would try to explain it but I would do it such a great injustice I won't even try. Some of you have made this pilgramage before. Others may not have ever heard of it. Round Top is a small town outside of LaGrange. Twice a year, October and April, thousands upon thousands of people descend on the small town as well as some it's neighboring communities for a HUGE, GIGANTIC, GARGANTUAN, BEHEMOTH antiques market and fair. This was my first time although this is right up my alley. I am a crazed lover of antiques and avid collector! I had always dreamed of going. This time I actually made it a reality. I am going to break the happenings of the trip into several entries. For today I am going to start with our trip there!

We left ridiculously early! A special thank you to my dad for lending us his truck and dropping it off at my house at 7am. From the beginning it was a typical trip for us! The ATM rejected my request....apparently there is a limit? (And I was in for some serious shopping so I waaaaaaaay exceed the limit.) The teller kindly helped me withdraw my mad money. We get started and I realize I am on I-35 rather than I-10. (I have made this mistake before. Apparently I learned nothing.) "Crystal" took over driving at this point! The trip towards LaGrange was uneventful. The bluebonnets were in full bloom everywhere. We joked about getting out of the car and taking bluebonnet photos the way millions of Texan parents do every year with their toddlers. However, the more we kept passing, the more the funny joke started to become a serious consideration. I want to share some of the lovely (and silly) photos of the Texas wildflowers. I hope you find our state flower as beautiful as we do. I hope for some of you (living in Japan) this reminds you of home.

I thought this was a beautiful opportunity to photograph not only bluebonnets but also Indian paintbrushes. (A special thank you to Lady Bird Johnson!)

This field was particularly lovely. It stretched on for about 300 yards. In the center was a fabulous old farmhouse. Imagine this is your front yard! What an amazing landscape to wake up to every morning. I was laughing at "Spacey" as she took this photo.

"Spacey" and "Anais" enjoying themselves roadside.

"Spacey" trying to find the "perfect" spot to have a seat and leave the flowers mostly undisturbed.

I took a seat roadside as well. I was hoping mom and dad would appreciate the photo of their "child" sitting in the bluebonnets. Perhaps they will choose to use it as next year's Christmas photo. (I am NOT serious mom!)

The girls in the traditional "kids in the bluebonnets" pose.

After getting lost two more times, stopping for directions and calling the lady at the bed and breakfast where we had reservations we FINALLY made it to Round Top. You could have heard a pin drop in the truck. We were amazed, overwhelmed, flabergasted at the task ahead. Tomorrow I will talk more about the actual experience.....

It's time for "What I am Lovin' Right Now." A few weeks ago I was going through a pretty tough time. I was feeling raw and gritty and I knew a pair of vintage cowboy boots would fit the mood just perfectly. I kept hearing Lucinda William's songs playing in my head. I felt I needed some boots with an attitude that were "made for walkin'." But where would I begin my search? And how would I pay the often exorbitant prices "worn-in" cowboy boots often command? In an attempt to "get out of my funk" I decided to visit my friend Ciara in Austin because she always manages to help me heal my heart and soul. On a whim we went to Uncommon Objects on South Congress. Within seconds of walking it I found these pair of cowboy boots. They were my size and only 49 dollars! I walked up to her and said, "God is throwin' me a bone. In the midst of my sadness....look what He has sent me. I have been wanting these, needing these! They completely fit my current attitude and I feel like Dorothy and these are my magical, red ruby slippers." And the serendipity doesn't end there! When I looked inside they were made in San Antonio by Garza's. I looked them up online but haven't found anything yet! Any information would be welcome. And yet another Patty Vela collection has been born! Here they all their glory....surrounded by the Texas state they well should be!

A small Gilmore-ism for you this evening. Lorelai and Rory thought "Oye with the poodles already," was one of the funniest sounding sentences one could ever utter. I have to agree! And oh yes, it's on a tee-shirt!

Goodnight friends! I hope this is a wonderful week for you all. I anticipate a less frenzied week than the last few weeks....but "stuff" just seems to come up, doesn't it?

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  1. I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend! I can almost hear the elation in your voice! Love pinker